Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Foley reflects on her first year at Rainbow bridge

In June I “celebrated” my one year anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. 

 Honestly it was quite disappointing.  Turns out the first year anniversary is paper and I was given a box of pee pads.   I don’t even pee!  Not that anniversary gifts will improve much.  Between 25 and  50 year anniversary gifts are good but after that things go downhill.  By the time of my 357th anniversary I will be receiving two dozen goats.  Like I have a place to keep two dozen goats.

While the Bridge is a wonderful place, from the River of Life where we can look in our loved ones, to the beautiful mountains overlooking the animals’ sections of the Bridge, to the grand mansions in the valley where the humans live, it is also a bittersweet place.

Everyone here misses someone.  There is so much to do that we don’t have much time to think about the loved ones we have left behind.  But occasionally these feelings do arise and when they do, the other angels can sense it, and we gather to share memories and comfort one another.

Because we have short, limited lives, at some point, everyone that we ever knew will be here, and we will be happy, but there is always someone left behind.  If our Mommies and Daddies come they miss their children, when they come, the children will miss their children..  Unless the humans manage to destroy the world there will always be someone missing someone.

It is said that the River of Life is filled with the tears shed here for those we left behind.  Others say it is filled with the tears of the reunited.  I think it is a mixture of both.  As I write this I see Smartie, PJ, Willie, Meika, Tanner, Fella, Brooklyn, Buddy and so many more of my friends running towards me.  They must know I have the blues.

Time to run and romp those tears away.


  1. Now, how do we comment on this?!! We can't really say Happy Anniversary, can we?

    Can't believe it's been a year.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & dui

  2. Above comment by me was to be tears. Something didn't work out.

  3. You are so right, Foley. Tears and missing someone is just a way of life on this planet.

  4. you are missed and loved and remembered,

  5. Oh Foley my momma waited to read this till the end of the week cos she knew her eyes would cry. We can tell through each and every word that your momma misses you so . Sometimes there is just no right words left to say. Hugs
    stella rose