Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nigel is Our October 5, 2014 Pup of the Week

I had two more friends join me this past week: Duke and Lorelei.  I would love to write flowing tributes to them both, every dog who crosses the Bridge deserves flowing tributes, but I don’t know their past well enough to do them justice.  Now I promise to look after them and get to know them.
Now I have a special message to my friend Nigel:  Sorry Nigel, you are not welcome here.  (Psst, Nigel:  You are really welcome here.  You have hundreds of friends who would comfort you, teach you what to do , and enjoy your company, but, since we want you to stay with your Mom and Dad as long as possible I am pretending that we don’t want you here so you aren’t sent here.)
We became aware of the possibility of Nigel coming here earlier this week.  He spent a night with labored breathing.  His parents rushed Nigel to his vet:  Dr Mike.  Right away Dr. Mike said Nigel had heart and lung problems.  He also said it sounded like he had an extra heartbeat.  Since Nigel is so sweet we thought it possible he had two hearts but apparently this is not possible.
Dr Mike told Nigel’s parents that he had congestive heart failure which is not a good thing.  The Cardio vet said he wanted to do an echogram and an x-ray because Nigel has a larger than normal heart (which we knew, but again doesn’t seem to be a good thing.)  He also had fluid around his heart and in his lungs.  Nigel got an injection of lasix and some lasix pills.  If the fluid around his heart goes down he can be put on normal heart medication.  He needed to be kept quiet and calm for a few days. And he needed plenty of prayers too.
Those he got, by the barrell full, and we began flying them up the mountain.  But then I split our forces.  Half of us flew prayers up the mountain while the rest of us painted signs, put them on posts, and then marched at the base of the Big Guy’s mansion stating the there was no room for Nigel at The Bridge; Nigel Snores Too Loudly; Bulldogs are unfairly represented at the Bridge; Keep Nigel Out!
Of course none of us felt this way.  But we were desperate.  If we could convince the Big Guy that Nigel would cause a disruption at the Bridge maybe he would leave him on the mortal side, as long as none of us let slip that we actually loved him and would welcome him with open wings.  It was a desperate ploy, but with all the friends that have joined us recently, we had the right to be desperate.
Only the mortal side of the Bridge the drugs and the prayers, and maybe the protests, seemed to be working.  Nigel’s breathing was not as heavy and he was acting like he felt better.  There is an upcoming appointment with a cardio vet on Monday so keep those prayers coming.
And we will keep our protests going so Nigel does not come here for a long time.  (And don’t worry, the Big Guy doesn’t read my blog posts, he can’t handle a little criticism.)
When that day comes, hopefully a long, long time from now Nigel, we will all hug you and kiss you, but until then the “Keep Out Nigel” sign stays above the Bridge.


  1. Great plan. We hope Nigel has a LONG stay on this side of the Bridge.

  2. Us too. We have lost too many friends recently. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Let our prayers and POTP be heard for Nigel too!

  4. We are sending hugs love and prayers to you Nigel
    Lily & Edward

  5. I am keeping my paws crossed for Nigel too.