Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Butterfly Bush for your Angels by Foley Monster

As the warm days come to an end in the Northeastern United States my days of floating down to Earth as a butterfly and visiting Mommy are also coming to a close.  Once winter slams into Mommy’s neighborhood the only way I can visit her is to become a bird and fly into a window.  That gives you quite a headache.

If you have a loved pup at the Bridge I want you to be able to get as many visits from them as possible.  Us angel pups can disguise ourselves as butterflies fairly easily but it is sometime hard to find our parents because butterflies don’t have good sniffers like dogs.

My advice to all you parents is to plant a butterfly bush.  Mommy planted one and when I dropped down from the Bridge and became a butterfly, an uncontrollable urge drove me towards her house and I realized it was the scent of her bush.

I knew the best time to drop down was on Monday because that was Mommy’s gardening day.  I would come flying in (and flying as a butterfly is one of the coolest things ever) and first I would land on the petals because the smell is wonderful, and then I would flitter to the top of the plant, and move my pretty wings until I got my Mommy’s attention.

Mommy smiled when she saw me.  And then she began talking to me, telling me what she was doing, and about her day.  I just sat there, like I would have done in my mortal form.  She couldn’t see my dark eyes which always looked so intently into hers but to convey my love I fluttered my wings.
When she moved I would fly around her head, and then swoop over to Daddy.  I tell you, flying is tiring, and the attraction of the butterfly bush was overwhelming.  I would find myself back on it, just watching Mom and Dad, and River and Pocket in their stroller.

And sometimes, after she was done working, because working and flying, is tiring, we would both nap, and I would see her in her dreams, where I would turn into a giant butterfly  and zip around the Bridge with her.  Those were some of our best times.

Now that winter is coming I am not going to be able to land on my Mom’s shoulder, tickle her hair, or smell her sweet scent.  It is going to be a long, lonely, scent free time.  .  But next spring, when her bush blooms, I will be back visiting her on the mortal side of the river and bringing a big smile to her face.

If your Moms want more visits from your angels, trust me, a buttterfly bush is the way to go.  If not your angels may be winging their way across your neighbors property looking for you.


  1. What a beautiful thought! We have butterfly bushes in our yard and we see lot's of visitors.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. I am so glad you toles us all about this because we have two butterfly bushes, and now when momma sees butterflies a landing she will know they are sammer j and trudie..and zeus....stellie rose

  3. We have butterfly bushes too!

  4. That is so sweet but Spring will be here soon and you can start visiting again. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Crikey ..... thanks for telling me all about the butterflies. You tell it so beautifully, aye?? We have butterfly bushes at our house too.