Sunday, November 2, 2014

Princess Bailey is our November 2, 2014 Pup of the Week

I don’t know every dog who crosses the River of Life and requires being sworn in at Rainbow Bridge.  I try to get to know them once they are here but some get caught up with their packs and I hardly see them.  This week something happened that had never occurred before.  I met an old friend I had lost contact with.  

One of the last dogs I swore in was a Yorkie.  I don’t like to judge by breeds but I take special interest in Yorkies.  I asked this new lollipop her name and she said it was Bailey and then she smiled at me.  “You’re Judge Foley Monster aren’t you?” she asked.  I answered in the affirmative and the lollipop said “It’s me Bailey, from Doggyspace, don’t you remember, we were friends before you got thrown off.”

“I left voluntarily,” I answered, a knee jerk response I had practiced for years, then studied her face.  “Bailey!”  I said, slapping my forehead with my paw.  “I do remember you.  We were friends years ago when I first joined DS.  I remember you because you are a Yorkie like me who has the same name as my cousin.”  We then hugged.  “So how have you been?”  I asked.

“Not good, I developed a tummy ache, lost my appetite, started losing weight, and I had no energy.  My Mom knew something was wrong with me and she took me to the vet where they found I had massive tumor in my stomach.  Mommy had to assist me to come here.  A few minutes ago I was lying in my Mommy’s arms and now I’m here,” she said sadly

I had to remember to stop asking that question to new arrivals.  The answer is never “pretty good.”  I told her I was sorry and that we could go to Tommy’s mansion where she could check up on her Mom and her pack on his Window to the Mortal SideTV set.  While walking I took out my tiny paw pad that connects to the Internet.  Connecting to the web was spotty here and I hoped I wasn’t in a dead zone.  

“Hey after I came back to DS somehow we weren’t friends again,” I said.  She looked over at the tablet.  “Maybe I didn’t realize you came back after you were thrown off,” she said.  I let the thrown off comment go.

I checked my Mom’s Facebook page.  “My Mom isn’t Facebook friends with your Mom either,” I said.  “It’s strange though, she knew of your passing.”  Then I saw they belonged to the same Facebook group.  “That must be how she found out,” I said.

Tommy’s house came into view.  “That’s the thing about friendship:  It always finds it’s way back to our hearts,” Bailey said.
I knew that’s why we were friends.  She is a very smart dog.  “The thing about humans is they always think they have more time for friendships, and then their time runs out.”

“Except they come here and there is nothing but time for friendship,” Bailey said.  We reached Tommy’s house, and Bailey got on the couch and watched her grieving Mom and the hair under Bailey’s eyes became wet with tears.  

And I hoped she was right.  I hoped there would be plenty of time for friendship.


  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way of peeps keeping up with friendships...

  2. Ditto we so agree. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Mom just made a sighing noise. hugs. s tella rose

  4. You always have such deep wisdom!