Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reese and Kole are our November 9, 2014 Pups of the Week

When humans have problems they tend to bottle them up and keep them from with their friends.  Something silly about not wanting to be a “burden.”  But us dogs never worry about being “burdens.”  It is kind of our thing.  Feed us, walk us, clean up after us, stop us from jumping on others, making sure we don’t trip you, we are wonderful burdens so when  we have problems we can’t wait to dump them on our friends.

But what happens when you have to dump and you have nowhere to take a dump.  That is what happened to our friends Reese and Kole two weeks ago.

They live in the Ozarks but their parents come from Michigan.  I don’t know how that happened.  I think their car couldn’t make it through the mountains so they just decided to live there.

A few weeks ago Reese’s and Kole’s Uncle Mark got sick.  Their Uncle Rob, who lives with their Dad Jeffrey, had to go back to Michigan to be with his ill relative.  The problem was that air travel is expensive when you aren’t an angel.  They had a stack of bills to pay and something had to be sacrificed because we live in a recovering economy where, whenever you pay a bill you have to go into recovery.  What had to be sacrificed was the Internet:  Resse’s and Kole’s outlet to their support network was gone.  It not only came at a bad time for family reasons, but poor Kole, who had been found abandoned in a parking lot by Uncle Rob earlier this year would be without his beloved best friend when he returned to Michigan.

When Uncle Rob went to Michigan to visit Uncle Mark the former collapsed and tests showed he had a weak heart.  There was talk he might need a pacemaker.  Now there were two sick Uncles and no support network except for a few friends Reese’s and Kole’s Dad could text.  

It was a long week without hearing from our friends, and an eventful one for them. Uncle Rob was released from the hospital and came home.  The doctors are not sure what is wrong with him, they have lots of different opinions, but he is home where he belongs and Kole is very happy about that.  

Once Rob returned the family got their Internet turned back on and Reese and Kole were all over the web telling their friends that they were safe, although their Uncles needed prayers.

Uncle Mark is waiting in the hospital in Michigan for a liver transplant.  Getting a liver transplant is very hard unless you are famous.  Hopefully, because Reese and Kole are famous in the dog world that will help their Uncles get the medical treatment they need.

But I do need all of you to send me prayers for Reese’s and Kole’s Dad so I can fly them up to the Big Guy because he freaking loves me.  And also pray that their financial problems ease so they can stay on the Internet and Reese and Kole never feel abandoned again.


  1. You got it!

    Everyone falls on hard times at sometime.

  2. We so hope everything sorts itself out for them. Paws crossed.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sending prayers for Reese and Kole's dad and Uncle and that their financial situation improves to help them through this.

  4. Sending out our tattered prayers.
    stella rose

  5. We would be lost without our internet. Mom would start talking to herself. We hope everything works out well for everyone.

  6. Crikey ...... that's no good at all, aye?? I'm sending lots of prayers their way and hope everything works itself out somehow. What a great friend you are!!

  7. Sending a sack load of prayers for our friends.