Friday, November 7, 2014

Ask Aunt Foley: Strolling Along with Molly

Dear Aunt Foley:  I recently hurt my knee playing soccer and have trouble walking.  My Mom bought a stroller so I can still enjoy the outdoors but I am not sure how I feel about using it.  What are your thoughts?  Molly the Highland Girl

Dear Molly:   First, let me assure you that I am going to get some angels together to heal your injury so you can go back on your beloved walks.  I know you love soccer but even David Beckham had to retire.  And if you still have a passion for the game you can get involved in coaching other dogs so we can win the World Cup in four years.

As for the stroller I always thought myself on the cutting edge of dog/human relations.  I asked for a stroller when I was young and proudly rode in one most of my life.

Mommy and Daddy like to go on day trips with us dogs. but if we walked next to them, with us pups being so tiny,  people would often trip over us and our parents were worried we would be injured.  They bought one of those contraptions that we sit in close to their bodies but I was a hot little number who gave off a lot of heat so, after just a few minutes, we were both sweating and panting like characters in Castle fan fiction.

I saw the stroller your Mom got for you and it looks very nice.  The first stroller my Mom got for my sister Copper and me wasn’t so nice.  It fell apart midway between the Mystic harbor drawbridge and Mystic Pizza.  Luckily there are boutique dog shops on every street corner in quaint New England towns.  Mommy and Daddy grossly overpaid for what started out as an ordinary stroller and soon became the Foley mobile.

Your stroller will soon become known throughout your town as the Mollie mobile. Adults may coo over a baby in a stroller but they turn into complete maniacs when seeing a dog in a stroller. Your stroller is very much like the Pope mobile and humans react with the same excitement when they see you as they are when they see the Pope.

So count yourself among the lucky ones Molly.  You are small enough to fit in a stroller, regal enough to look like a Queen being wheeled past her loving subjects, and you have a Mom who cares enough about you to buy one for you so you can enjoy the woods.

Your are now Molly Princess of the Highlands.  Enjoy your luxury carriage.


  1. LOL Mollie Mobile. That is a good one. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Strollers help a lot of doggies pawticipate in things they would otherwise miss! Thanks for the post!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. I think the stroller is a wonderful idea, and we hope it helps! I wish I had one too.

  4. I wish I could get one, but momma makes me walk.

  5. Well, we're not really sure.for us, BUT we know lots of Blogvillians who have 'No Walkin' Wagons', so it should be okay. (And anyway, if anyone starts giving looks they'll be directed at your peeps--not you.)

  6. Nothing to be embarrassed about. A stroller's great if it is needed. Mum reckons when she gets old she's going to go in one of those human strollers. Sure hope I don't have to push her around.