Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cousin Neely is here by River Song


Our cousin Neely is here for a week while his family is at Disney World.  I am not happy about Nelly being here.  He takes away my attention time.

He’s not a bad chap.  He’s gone through some tough changes lately.  One Dad left, another man moved in, with three boys and another dog, and, with all those new humans and a dog, Nelly got pushed down the ladder a bit and that makes him sad.  He still has a very good life but attention wise he has been lacking.  If there is one thing my parents have it is plenty of attention for dogs.  But again, I am down a slight bit in that department.

When he first got here, even though he has been here before, he was timid.  I liked that.  He mostly laid on the floor because he is no longer allowed on the furniture in his house.  I think that’s a good rule:  For Neely.   But my parents aren’t real good at following the rules.

Soon he was sitting with Daddy in the recliner, getting whatever he wanted using those huge, dark, adoring eyes.  I hate when dogs use their eyes to manipulate humans.  He hasn’t got in the recliner with Mommy:  Yet.  He has tried but Mommy has reserved that, and the bed, as my spot with Pocket.   Although Nelly has tried a flanking assault by jumping over the side of the recliner on to her lap causing the great skedaddle.

River sleeps in the spare bedroom in his crate.  He goes right in and doesn’t complain.  Sometimes I feel guilty sleeping in the big bed while he sleeps alone in his crate.  There must be a homeless guy we can take in then put in the spare bed and let him sleep with Neely.

Neely is playing with my toys, and I have been generous in letting him, since his Mom did not bring any toys for him.  And he is eating our treats too, for the same reason.  He also chases Pocket’s ball, which Pocket does not like.  Even when you throw a different ball he chase Pocket’s.

And today he really broke the rules.  He jumped on the couch and peed.  Mommy was more than angry.  And boy did Neely get attention.  But not the kind he wanted.  We thought he was going back home right there but Mommy forgave him.  

So he is still here, through Sunday at least.  I think he is enjoying himself.  Maybe more than at his home.  If he gives us a good Yelp review maybe we will open up a spot for dogs who need a vacation.

Just bring your own toys, treats, bed and human to sleep with if you so need.


  1. Those last rules are VERY IMPORTANT! They can stay and have a little attention, but they should not interfere with YOUR attention. 'nuff said.

  2. We think he looks like a great pal and lots of fun!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. ooops peeing on the couch is not being a good guest!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Oh he has the most beautiful eyes, we often use the eye ploy and head tilt ploy to hypnotize our parents into giving us the family fortune....we think you are onto something about house guest an charging monies....stella rose
    P.S. sometimes Maggie or gussie pees on the couch just out of the blue...just to show mom who is REALLY the boss at our house.

  5. I sure hope life settles down for Neeley. Also hope he brings his own toys next time. Lol