Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shiloh, Jazzy and Jakie are our April 26, 2015 Pups of the Week

When I was on the mortal side of the Bridge I lived a blessed life.  Until the last week of my mortal life I rarely visited the vet except for yearly checkups.  I did have one problem:  My knee would pop out of place.  The first time it happened I screamed bloody murder and my parents rushed me to the vet.  During the car ride the knee popped back into place.  By the time I got to the vet’s my knee was fine.  The vet was still kind enough to charge my parents $200.00.  We are truly slaves to our own legs.

Walking on all fours is a much easier way to move than the bipeds insistence on walking on two legs.  But when something happens to one of them we either need to adapt like our friend Scooby or we need to go to the vet’s, find out what is wrong, and possibly have a very expensive operation.

We have three friends whose legs betrayed them this week:  Shiloh, Jazzy and Jakie.  These are their stories.

Shiloh was having an innocent day of fun with her Daddy and his Mom.  In fact it was so much fun she began doing zooms in the yard.  Suddenly she cried out and could not put any weight on her back right leg.  Her parents took her for xrays and they found a torn ligament.  She was scheduled for surgery two days later.  The good news was that Shiloh knew and trusted the vet who had already operated on Shiloh’s elbow when she was one and a half.   Her Mom calls Shiloh the million dollar pup.  It must be because Shiloh is so special.  Her Mom is a manager at Petco and with all the money our parents spend there she must be super rich so she couldn’t be concerned about money.
Shiloh 426.JPG
A couple of days later Shiloh was at her trusted vets.  It was very difficult on her parents to leave her alone but Shiloh has many angel friends and we flew down to keep her company and stayed with her while the skilled surgeon fixed Shiloh’s ligament.  After she awoke and spread Shiloh sweetness throughout the vet’s office her parents were called to return her home.  She was brought a new stuffed football toy to use as a pillow and headed home.  And now Shiloh is home, healing and should be as good as new soon.
Another good girl, Jazzy, had something happen to her ambulatory system this week and began to scream in pain.  She was rushed to the vet and he determined that Jazzy had an injured hip and put her on strict rest.  The next day Jazzy was in more pain and wasn’t eating.  The new vet discovered that the hip was fine but Jazzy had a soft tissue injury.  She was put on new medication and put on bed rest again.  Hopefully she is on the road to recovery.
Jazzy 426.jpg

    Finally there is Jakie who hurt his leg chasing after a rabbit.     His mother thinks that Jake did what I used to do and popped his knee out of place.  She is trying to do what my parents didn’t do and treat it without going to the vet and getting a big and unnecessary bill.  So best of luck to you Jake and heal fast.
jakie 426.JPG

    So we have three friends who need prayers for better wheels and not the kind that you get at Enzo’s garage.  Please pray that their wheels are fixed quickly and that they may run for a long time.



  1. We purray for them :) Pawkisses for a Sunny Day :) <3

  2. You know.... I came to the conclusion that having fur children are just about the same as our human kids....Get them to the Doctor and they are well as we walk into the office..Never could figure that out....Please all their little hearts and May they be running in high speed very soon...

  3. Yes, those wheels get injured easily! POTP for healing!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I agree with Murphy - dog's legs seem to get hurt a lot. We are nursing our black Lab's elbow, trying to make it through the summer before he has surgery. We are thinking of all those friends and sending POTP.

  5. * ouch * Jakie that sounds paijful. Hope its OK now!