Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pocket's Review of Bioterrorism Seized the Sea

I have been remiss not to write a review of Bioterrorism Seized The Sea: A Hobo Hudson Adventure available from Amazon at this link.


Ghost written by our enterprising friend Hobo Hudson who used his Mom’s name as the author to hide his income from pesky IRS auditors.  For anyone who is a fan of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series, or a fan of adventure in any form, this book is quite the read.
But before I delve into the review proper I have to disclose that my angel sister Foley Monster and I are mentioned in the book and there is also a scullious rumor written by Hobo himself that I had a crush on him which is not true.  That is the only part of the book that is fictional.  The rest, I truly believe, took place.
When I told Foley during one of her dream lectures (I meant visits) that I would be writing this review she told me to make sure I emphasized that without her the entire adventure could not have been written, and the outcome quite different.
The book open with  Hobo at camp while his parents are on a cruise.  He hears on the news that there is a bio-terrorist attack on a cruise ship and determines his parent’s lives are in danger.  Hobo, mostly known as a dog investor and business owner, proves himself to be an action hero as he devises a plan to get on the boat and save his family.  To do so he must rely on technology discovered by my sister Foley Monster:  The ability to download one’s self from place to place using the Internet.
Hobo and Ludwig, an unwitting camp guest who finds himself Hobo’s accomplice end up in the series of tubes that is in Internet at first searching for Foley’s map of the Internet and then, unable to find Foley’s map, which I haven’t been able to locate either, are left to their own devices to find the ship.  After a series of errors the combination of Hobo’s guile and Ludwig’s innocent observations they find their way to the ship and encounter the terrorists.
How do two dogs intervene to stop a terrorist attack on a ship where both the terrorists and the people Hobo and Ludwig are determined to save want nothing more than to put a rope around their necks and either hang them or tie them in a room?  Well to find out you are going to have to keep turning the pages of this easy and enjoyable read.
Not only is this a fine adventure story but it is filled with many of Hobo’s spot on comments about the relationship between dogs and man.  He leaves no doubt that dogs are the superior species.  And without dogs, and our understanding of the Internet, the terrorists win.  So hats off to Hobo Hudson.  The richest dog in town, the bravest dogs in town, and the most entertaining dog in town.
Do yourself  favor and pick up a copy of Bioterrosim Seized the Sea.   You won’t put it down.


  1. As I am almost finished with this exciting adventure of Hobo and friend Ludwig, this book is one that is difficult to put down .... I find myself a believer that all of the contents of this story are true, outside of the part that Pocket had a crush a Hobo..She denies this to the max, so I am presuming that she is telling the truth...but one should never presume I am told..They find them selves in terrible predicaments after down loading onto the internet in their determination to save Hobo's parents who have taken a cruise and have no knowledge of a terrorist plot...This book is one Great Read and I would advise anyone that enjoys this type of adventure to pick a copy up and ENJOY!!!

  2. WE are gonna haf to check it out for sure.
    stella rose

  3. sound like a good book - Mom says she needs to find more time in the day to read!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Coming to the end of the current book....may give it a try.


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