Friday, January 22, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Otie's Mom and the Cold Dog

On Monday I got finished with a hard day of judging and swearing in new arrivals.  I decided nothing would be better than a kibble split sundae with bacon sauce.  I flew over to Otie Campbell’s drug store and hopped up on a stool next to the counter.  Otie took my order but I could see he was upset.   
When he gave me my delicious sundae I asked him if anything was wrong with his Mom, Dad, or baby brother Briscoe.  He shook his head.  “It’s my parent’s neighbor’s dog.  Mommy was out last night with Briscoe and she saw this poor dog outside in nine degree weather.   My Mom felt so bad for him.”
“She tried calling the police but she got a recording.  She called the next day and was told as long as the dog had sufficient outdoor sleeping quarters and seemed to be taken care of there was nothing they could do.”  Otie took a sip of a vanilla shake. “Sufficient outdoor sleeping quarters,” he said shaking his head.  “Is there any sufficient outdoor sleeping quarters when it is nine degrees and snowing?”
I patted his paw in agreement.  I could feel his and his Mom’s sorrow.  She loves all dogs and to see one suffering in the cold breaks her heart.  When I was on the mortal side, sleeping snuggled up with my Mom, under the covers, on nine degree nights, Mommy would tell me that there were dogs who were left outside on cold nights but I never believed her.
But when I came here I met dogs who were left outside, and a few who even came to the Bridge because they were left outside to freeze.  I never appreciated being inside the house  more.   Daddy’s childhood dog Barney was an outside dog.  He hated being indoors and would howl to go out.  But on the coldest nights Grampie would open the cellar door and Barney would hurry down the stairs and spend the night in the cellar by the furnace.
I wish I could somehow get these terrible, cruel, uncaring parents to recognize the wonderful gifts they have in these dogs and let them inside.  Everyone who is reading this is already a wonderful dog parent.  Maybe I should stop linking this to Facebook and start linking this to Assbook.
All I can ask the humans is to do what Otie’s Mom did and if you see a dog being abused, whether it be outside in the cold or heat, or locked in a car on a hot day, or on a short chain, call the authorities.  You will probably end up as frustrated as Otie’s Mom did but someone might come out and save the dog.
Either way I promise when that far off day comes and you arrive here at the Bridge you will be rewarded for your love and concern for dogs who live without love.


  1. So true. Mom called about a dog the other day, when she went back to check on him, he was gone, now she is even more worried, loving us 4 leggers can be hard on the heart. stella rose

  2. We don't understand why anyone would want to be outside in winter. I call Animal Control and they always come out and warn the humans about neglecting their pets even though it doesn't get very cold here.

  3. Awe that is sad I really hope that doggy got warm somewhere. Our Daddy always had outdoor dogs but our Momma did not. So far Momma wins and all pets are insides LOL ;) But we lives in FL so we don't get many cold days.

    Bell Fur ZOo

  4. Crikey ...... I can't even imagine a night that cold let alone being made to stay outside in it. That's just way to cruel!!

  5. they put warnings on the news here when it gets real cold about not leaving your pets outside.Unfortunately not every one listens
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Yes, its best to speak up,,, and help the poor little furry- or big one!

  7. Speaking is up is so important - and if we all keep speaking up, maybe we will be heard.