Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Safest Place in the World by Pocket Dog

Do you have a favorite spot?  Mine is the big bed.  Especially when it is cold.  There is nothing like snuggling with a human when it is cold.  Humans!  They are all purpose mammals.  Providing food, cleaning pooh, taking us on walks, giving us attention, they do so much for us.  And now I find they are wonderful sources of warmth on cold nights.  Indians are known for using the entire buffalo.  We dogs need to perfect using the entire human.  And that includes their body heat.
Not that this is a one way street.  Our parents like to sleep in a cold room under a nice comforter.  But some nights it get too cold.  They wake up and they don’t feel either my little body, or River’s little body, against them so they reach down and snatch us to use our body heat.  On especially cold night we get yanked several times.  Nothing disrupts a good night’s sleep like a yanking.
But I am not complaining.  It is a compliment to have two people fight over you in bed.  Even if the bed is the sight of a cuddle four way.
I start my sleep at the end of the bed on a special blanket.  River Song goes to sleep leaning up against Mommy’s shoulders.  But the more we sleep the colder we become.  River slips under the covers and I move up the covers to sleep next to Mommy.  River then moves over to sleep next to Daddy.  Mommy gives off heat but Daddy gives off fire.  
When River moves over to Daddy I move up to Mommy’s waist which is a wonderful snuggle spot.  Then Daddy gets too hot for River and she want to get back in Mommy’s wonderful snuggle spot and I won’t move so she sits at the top of the bed staring at me and mewing softly until everyone is awake.  Mommy and Daddy push River under the covers and she snuggles up by Mommy’s shoulders and I stay in the good snuggle spot.  Serves you right for moving.
Even better than bed is second bed.  This is when Daddy gets up and takes us out to do our business.  Then we come back in the house and go back to bed for an hour or two.  Second bed is heaven!  First we get cold outside so we are able to get warm and snuggled all over again.  Second we don’t have the “pressure” in our nether regions so we don’t have to worry about any accidental spillage or leaking.
When I am under the covers snuggled with my family I never feel safer.  Nothing bad can happen to me there.  I am protected by love and caring.  It is a peaceful, easy feeling.
I am going to stop now.  I hear the bed calling.


  1. Oh yes, I love when momma says, "go nite nite stellie" I have my little routine also, I peer over the sides of the bed, and contemplate how far it is down the side of the mountain, then I stand on Momma's head, lay on my blankie, get under the covers, get out of the covers, and lay back on my blankie. By early morning I am between mom and dad, I am moms alarm clock, I always stand on her face to wake her up.
    she appreciates that from me. stellie rose

  2. Roxy is the snuggler here. She loves to snuggle. The scotties just like to do their own thing.

  3. It doesn't sound like you get any sleep

  4. Max loved to get in the bed...but Ladybug was not a bed sleeper..unless it was after her "DO" and she was exhausted and would lay in the Guest Bedroom Bed over on her back and "pooped" out from all the BEAUTY treatments she had just gone through...

  5. Bailey starts out on a pillow above mom's pillow and Hazel will be on Dad's pillow so she can lick his head. I, Mabel like to start under the covers snuggled up to mom and then I go down by dad's feet. If I get to warm I will come out and snuggle to mom's side. When the light goes out Hazel will go down by mom's feet but on top of the covers (she rarely goes undercover) or to the dog bed at the top of the bed ramp.
    About 4 am sometimes Bailey will want under the covers or will go down by mom's feet and make Hazel move.
    yes we love bedtime with the peeps
    Bailey & Hazel too

  6. YOu are so very lucky to get to sleep in or on the big bed. We don't get to go to the upstairs where those big beds are:( But we do have our safe places. Ciara's is under the desk in the kitchen, and Lightning's is in the tiny back hall near the back door. Ciara used to love her crate, but for some reason she doesn't go in there any more. Mom can't figure it out.

    Happy snuggling.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. We have a safe place right by moms feet in the snuggie
    Lily & Edward

  8. We do 'second bed' here too. I, Fudge, like to sleep right on top of Mom but she doesn't really appreciate a seventy pound dog stretched out on top of her. Feels good to me for as long as it lasts.


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