Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pup of the Week: Junior Johnson

My duties as a member of Rainbow Bridge’s Nightwatch continue.  We have sworn to only allow those dogs whose bodies have grown too tired to support their fiery souls through the wall at Rainbow Bridge.   All others shall be barred entry as long as their bodies can still contain their spirit.
Often in life, and in the afterlife, watching is not enough.  We members of the Watch have agreed to become personal angels to sick dogs.  Our duties include helping them heal and aiding their bodies to handle their souls.  I was lucky enough to be assigned one of my friends:  The handsome Mr. Junior Johnson.
Everyone enjoys a dog who brings smiles  and Junior is one such pup.  That is why I am lucky to be his watcher.  When he dances for his breakfast I giggle; when he pounces on a toy I grin; when he bounces after his tennis ball my tail wags with glee; when he sneaks candy and carrots under the unsuspecting nose of his Mom I send snozzle out of my nose; and when he rolls around in his blanket until he is covered I laugh so hard I pee just a little.
Everything was going swimmingly for Junior.  He had just turned 12 and along with all the good things birthdays bring they do bring one bad thing:  A trip to the vets.  But it was one of those ordinary check ups where there is nothing to worry about….until there is.
His doctor was doing the usual poking and prodding when he poked something that should not have been there.  It was a swollen lymph node.  That was the moment that Junior, his Mom, and their family climbed on the cancer train.  I have ridden that train.  It goes very fast, there are no rails, no known destination, and everyday you pray you can get off of it.
Junior’s cancer lead him from a diagnosis of possible lymphoma, to a biopsy proving lymphoma, to an operation for removal of the localized cancerous nodes, to scheduled chemo treatments.  
On Tuesday Junior went for his first treatment. He also got a shot, and got blood drawn, The chemo is a very dangerous drug.  If it leaks from the injection point it could damage Junior’s tissue.  His Mom has a list of symptoms.  If Junior shows any of these signs he is suffering side effects.  He has good days, and he has bad days.  Such is life when you are trapped on the cancer train.
I am determined to make sure that Junior does not breach our wall anytime soon.  He has so many people who depend on him for smiles and love.  He is a beautiful, devoted boy who is needed on the mortal side of life much more than he is needed on the immortal side.
This month Petco and Blue Buffalo are raising money for pet cancer awareness.  You can make a contribution at your local Petco or by going to
And if you would like to help Junior and his Mom with his expenses you can make a contribution at his gfundome site:
And if you would like you to help local Angel of the Watch keep saying prayers that all dogs have healthy days forever and anon.


  1. We are sending prayers that Junior has many more days to brings smiles, giggles and laughter to those that love him.

    Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. We are glad for your decree to allow those dogs whose bodies have grown too tired to support their souls to enter Rainbow Bridge. All others shall be barred entry. Prayers that Junior will be barred entry as his body fights for survival.

  3. sending lots of pug pug prayers for Junior. Mom needs to go to Petco - she will see about a donation
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Oh Junior, please stay as long as you can with your Mom. I know how the battle can be. When you are two tired to fight anymore the Bridge will be waiting for you. But until then our prayers are with you and your Mom.


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