Friday, May 6, 2016

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: Max and Tupper Find a Macy

I had not seen my friends Max and Tupper running in the mountains nor playing by the river nor eating popcorn at Tommy’s nor ice cream at Otie’s for days.  Their seclusion concerned me.  I needed to investigate.

I knocked on their door, but no one answered.  I could hear movement inside. I opened the door.  Their house was a mess.  There were papers and folders strewn across the floor.  On a bed on the far side of their house, Max and Tupper slept snuggled together.

I softly called their names.  The both leaped out of bed. 
“Foley!” Tupper said.  “Sorry about the mess, we have been very busy.  We have been interviewing dogs.  Mom finally decided to get a new family member.  We had to find the perfect dog.” 

Max got down on the floor.  He began moving papers around with his paws.  Printed on the paper were descriptions of dogs.  Tupper and Max had scribbled notes on the reports.  Max found the paper he was looking for and pushed it towards Tupper.

“Macy!” he said, showing me the report.  “This is the dog we decided was best for Mom.  She is a rescue.  Her first mom had dementia and was forced to surrender Macy.  We think she is perfect.”
“How many dogs did you interview?” I asked.

“Eight thousand,” Tupper responded, yawning.

“Eight thousand dogs?” I asked stunned.

“Yes,” Max said.  “We wanted to do more, but Mom was getting anxious for a pup.”

“And how long did you interview them?” I asked.

“Six hours,” Tupper said.

“Six hours?  Eight thousand dogs?” My eyes were bugging out of my head.  “That’s,” I tried to do the math and gave up.  “A long time.”

“Well, we are here for eternity,” Tupper reminded me.

“You must have interviewed that many dogs when you found River,” Max said.

Sure.  I had interviewed Eight…..Teen.  Maybe.  I meekly nodded.  “I am glad you found the right one,” I said.

Max sighed.  “I hope so.  Do you think there could be a better dog out there?” he asked Tupper.
A look of concern crossed Tupper’s face. “You’re right.  Maybe there is another dog.  Hop into Mom’s dreams.  We need to keep looking.”

I hopped between them.  “Boys!” I said holding up my paws.  “You have done your job.  You have gone above and beyond your duty.”  I picked up Macy’s picture.  “Look at her.  She is beautiful.  And she is going to make your mom happy.”

They grumbled.

“I have this friend,” I told them.  “His name is Michelangelo.”

“The turtle?” Max asked.

“No, the painter.  He painted the Sistine Chapel.  It is considered one of the greatest works of art ever.  He told me he looks at it and wishes he had done something different.  I think you have found the Sistine Chapel of dogs.  So relax.  You have found a masterpiece.”

Tupper put his paw on my shoulder and thanked me for my kind words.

“But how hard is it to paint a Chapel?” Max asked.  Before they began looking for more dogs for their mom Tommy and Otis, also worried about our friends, appeared with popcorn and ice cream.  They kept the brothers occupied long enough for their mom to bring Macy home where Macy is building a brand new chapel in her mom’s heart.

So please relax, Max and Tupper.  You did a great job.  Your mom knows how much you helped her, and Macy will be a great dog.

Now have some more ice cream my friends.  You deserve it.


  1. You are so loved for these updates you send us of our bridge angels. Good job Max and Tupper. Mommy loves you

  2. You are so loved for these updates you send us of our bridge angels. Good job Max and Tupper. Mommy loves you

  3. I wonder what Michelangelo would have done differently.

  4. They sure did go above and beyond the call of duty. Macy looks perfect!!!!

  5. Love this. It perfect. Good job Max and Tupper. This is exactly how I feel about Star sending me Jazzy and then 5 months later Jake passed and then 3 months after Jake sent me Emma. Those bridge angels do great work.

  6. Macy is going to be perfect for your Mom...Feel the Love..😘

  7. Macy is going to be perfect for your Mom...Feel the Love..😘

  8. Anyplace that serves ice cream can't be too bad!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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