Friday, May 13, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge. Dear Enzo: About that Snow

I received an urgent message from my mortal friend Enzo on Tuesday.  He lives with his Mom and Dad in the mountains of Colorado, also known as the land that spring forgot.  Enzo told me of their cold quandary.  The calendar said it was the middle of May, but the weather said it was the beginning of February.
Enzo suggested that our ice making machine was leaking over the Rockies.  He knew we had been partying a lot recently.  I did not find this to be a fair accusation.  Yes, we did have a big Cinco De Mayo celebration, followed by Sixto, Sevento, Eighto, Nino, Harpo, Zeppo and Chico De Mayo.  It was not our fault.  If Trump becomes President, there is going to be no Mo De Mayo.
But all parties must end, and ours did, when we ran out of ice.  Angel Tanner Bub agreed to follow the water line from the ice machine to the Rockies.  He was delayed a day because he needed to check on his mom and sister in Idaho.  He reported back that there was no leakage over the Rockies.
While I felt good that we were not responsible for the Rocky Mountain freeze that still did not help us solve our friend’s frozen problem.
I made myself a Foleytini, sipped it, and thought.  Angel Tanner and Angel Scooby were doing mathematical equations searching for an answer.  I still had a nagging thought that the freakish weather could be Angel related.
Then it came to me:  I told Scooby to bring me Angel Smoochy. With his aid, I could confirm the answer
“How do you know?” Scooby asked.
I put down my glass and quoted a man who I believe has reached the heightened form of a Yorkie in man’s form:  “That’s what I do.  I drink, and I know things.”
Tanner brought Smoochy to me.  I showed him the snow.  “That’s odd.  Snow in May,” he said.  I smiled at him.  A realization crossed his face.  “Oh no,” he said chagrined.  “Are we in trouble?”
“Of course not Smoochy, what we did we did out of love, and when you do something out of love it is instantly forgotten.”  I told him I would explain everything to Enzo, and he would be happy with the explanation.
So, Enzo, this is your explanation.  You don’t have snow.  You have moon dust.  It looks like snow because it comes from the moon so it is cold, and it traveled through clouds so it is wet, but it is our moon dust, caused by us crashing into the moon.
Please, Enzo, treasure our moon dust.  It is a sign of our love and devotion.  It won’t be there forever, just like none of us are forever.
But we all need to be treasured while we are here.


  1. Simply a wonderful story Dear Angel Foley. You are wiser than your years, even if you are immortal.

    Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. Can you throw moon dust balls and build moon dust men?

  3. After some deep thought... I do believe that we have been "partying" quite a all of that being said.. I am impressed as to the conclusion that you came to /// I would never have thought of "Moon Dust"... From what I hear...It surely looks like Snow tho to those that are Living in it... Angel Ladybug...

  4. Can you send some of that moon dust to OP next winter - we never seem to get any good snow here, so maybe some moon dust would do the trick.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. We had moon dust on the deck last Sunday. Lady didn't treasure it like she should have!

  6. ...***Enzo stands up on his favorite snow pile on the corner of the driveway*** In his best tenor voice...Ohhhhhhhh when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...that's Amory!!! Thank you Judge Foley for all of the special "Moon Dust" that you have sent to the mountain! It gives me something to sing about!!! What do expect from a dog named for an Italian car designer!! Love you bunches!! Golden Kisses from 10,000 Feet, Enzo!!!


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