Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gardening Season Has Come to an end by Pocket

We started the first week of April.  It seems like so long ago.  The air was warming.  Everything smelled new.  Baby birds chirped from the trees.  River and I had been planning our gardens for months.  We were snuggled together in our pink buggy.  The layout of the gardens was at our paws.
The winter debris that had cluttered our gardens were removed.  The grass was raked.  The smell of Earth being reborn filled our buggy.  The soil in the garden was uncovered.  A sweet scent, of flowers blooming under the soil drifted past us.
This was our routine every Monday.  River and I got in our buggy and our parents worked in the yard. The grass was mowed and River and I breathed in that freshly mowed lawn scent, storing it in the far recesses of our nostrils for when we felt lonely and needed to smell the welcoming Earth.
    Each week we met with mommy about which flowers would look perfect and where to put them.  She bought them on Saturday and she planted them on Monday.  The yard began bursting with color. Our perennial friends burst through the soil and opened.  After the yard work was completed we went for our walk, and when we came home we examined the gardens and decided what needed to be moved.
    As spring turned to summer and the weather got hotter we were left on the porch because according to my parents it was too hot for us outside.  It was too hot for our parents too.  Their faces turned red and they sweated a lot.  We were not happy stuck inside.  Our view was blocked and we could not supervise properly.
    The summer brought our sister Foley and her angel friends in the form of butterflies, bees, and large praying mantises.  We loved when they landed near us and said hello.  The butterfly bushes bloomed bringing more angels.  Neighbors stopped to look at our designs and compliment our yard.  Some nights we would sit in the back, look at the flowers, and for a few second find elusive peace.
    When fall came we lost some plants, but they were replaced with mums and cabbage plants.  The weather stayed warm, which kept our flowers in bloom, and dry, which kept our sprinkler sprinkling.  
    November brought a frost, and slowly our lovely plants all drooped then dropped.
    On Monday our parents had their final yard day of the year.  The temperature was below 40 degrees, the wind made it feel like it was in the 20’s.  All the decorations were put away, the last plants were bagged and put away,  and we were quickly brought back in the house, where, for months we were relieved by the air conditioning, but now we were comforted by the heat.
    We will miss our Monday garden days, all our flowers, and our angel visitors.  Monday becomes a snuggle day now, lazy mornings in bed, and afternoons spent under blankets, dreaming of warm weather, and what we will plant when the Earth awakens and we are in our buggy again supervising the planting of pretty flowers.


  1. That happens! We're just having our garden days. Lots of plants and bees and, unfortunately, flies. But we love being outside! Enjoy those blanket snuggles.

  2. It is getting cold here too. We don't like being out when it is cold
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. It is so cold here too and all the pretty flowers have gone :-( Snuggle time until Spring sounds perfect :-) nose licks and love from Moth xx

  4. Our gardening season got stopped by the early snow!

  5. You described it so well - the changing of the seasons.we miss our garden time too, And we wish you could go on and on and on. But those winter snuggly days will make your garden time next spring all the more precious. Happy snuggles for the winter!


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