Friday, November 11, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: We Are United

Tanner Bub and I have been best friends for years. We left DS together; we started the Tanner Brigade together, and we work at Rainbow Bridge to make the lives of other dogs better.
        There is one problem.  My mom is a lily-livered, bleeding-heart, liberal, egghead communist and Tanner’s mom is a gun toting, redneck, facist.  Pundits insist that there is no way that my mom and Tanner’s mom can be friends. We are a divided country, and nothing can bridge the gap between the two sides.
        But we know that is not true.  If Americans want to know what unites their country above everything else, they should look to the dogs.
        First, everyone should own a dog, you can own a cat if you want to, I respect members of the LGBC community (Loving Greedy Bitchy Cats).  But cats can’t unite a broken country like dogs.
        I watched the Cubs championship parade on TV and saw millions of joyous people singing “Go Cubs Go” as one great, unwashed congregation, and I wondered how many people supported different politicians and how little it mattered.
        I see people walking their dogs, meeting on the streets, or in stores, and they pet one another’s dogs, and they share stories.  No one is asked who they are voting for.  The ties that bind them, their love of dogs, is more important than politics.
        The core belief that politics must divide America as a country comes from TV sets, radios, and the bad Internet sites that are not devoted to dogs, cat GIFS, and good old American porn. If a human allows themselves to come under their sway they will become convinced that the “other side” is the enemy.  They aren’t.  They are just your neighbor Joe, who lent you his lawn mower when yours broke down, who didn’t complain when you kids cut through his yard, and whose answers for what ails this country is different than yours.
        Now that the election is over I hope the humans can realize that something as petty as politics should never end a friendship. Everyone wants what is best for the country, and while they may feel there are radically different ways of getting there, they can always find common ground.
        And, if you can’t find common ground, take your dog for a walk, and we will lead you to the common ground that will keep the nation together and moving forwards.


  1. Always good to look for the things that unite us and pleasures we share and not judging others for their differences. Great post - nose licks and love from Moth xx

  2. you are so right, we have seen so many people breaking their friendships just because someone else chose a different candidate. Dogs are never that dumb

  3. Even the defeated candidate was out walking her dogs:) Dogs do have a calming effect, no doubt about it. It is about time our country's peeps get their act together and once again act like the UNITED States.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty


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