Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jazzy is Our Pup of the Week

I greatly admire dogs who fight to stay with their parents.  Some dogs battle diseases for years before finally heeding the Bridge’s call.  Jazzy was one such dog.
Jazzy was diagnosed with cancer four years ago.  She battled that disease and with every ounce of her being. She was determined not to let some silly tumors keep her from her parents.  Then came the diagnosis of lymphoma.  Again she used every bit of fight she had in her little body to wrestle the disease of a draw. Then came a heart condition.  
Jazzy was like a character is a Final Destination movie. She was summoned to the immortal life many times and stubbornly refused. Jazzy is another brave dog who said no.
Two days before Halloween Jazzy started vomiting and had diarrhea.   She could not walk properly and seemed to be in pain.  Her parents took her to the vets.  She had a fever of 103, and the vet detected that she had a lot of pain in her back.  “Not to worry,” Jazzy said.  “I have vomited and had diarrhea before.  Nothing strange there.  And yes, my back hurts, but that’ what happens when you get older, beats the alternative.  And I have had plenty of fevers before.  Just give me a couple of pills, and I should be OK.”  They listened to Jazzy, and gave her some pills, and some fluid, and sent her home.
By the next morning, she could not stand.  “That’s fine,” Jazzy said.  “I am good lying here.”  But her parents didn’t think it was a good idea and took her back to the vet.  They did X-Rays and blood work.  The vets suspected pneumonia because she had a spot on her lungs.
Spot on the lungs?  That’s wasn’t good.  It was the old “spot of the lungs, possible pneumonia but might be something else,” that finally got me here.  I hate to hear the words “spot on the lungs.”  
Jazzy’s fever kept growing.  They gave her more medication.  It was a last resort.  If the fever didn’t come down, it was either a tumor or a blood clot. “Tumor, blood clots?  Please.” Jazzy said.  “I can beat those in my sleep.”
Although their brave girl was blessed with never ending optimism, when Jazzy didn’t respond to treatment, her parents knew they had to step in and stop Jazzy’s fight.  She had battled long enough, had given her parents every inch of devotion in her heart.  Her parents told her it was time to go the Bridge.  Jazzy wanted to argue, but she knew they were right.  It was time.
Jazzy’s mom held her they were letting her go, and she was given a shot that sent her to the Bridge. Soon she came charging up the stairs, feeling no fever, or temperature, breathing like a pup, and full of energy. I was waiting to swear her in, but she saw her sister Star behind me, waiting for her.  Jazzy ran me over to reach Star.  Jazzy gave her a big kiss, and they began chasing each other in circles.
I had to wave a dog treat to get their attention, and I swore Jazzy into Rainbow Bridge.  When I began to explain the rules, and how to get her wings, Star stopped me and said that she would be taking care of her sister.  I knew not to argue.
I hope Jazzy’s parents know that Jazzy and Star are playing together again, visiting you both in your dreams and while you are awake.  And Jazzy and Star are keeping a watch over their siblings.
Jazzy’s parents should know they don’t just have a Star in the sky now they have a Jazzy, and they should sleep soundly knowing they are being well watched.


  1. Wow, Jazzy was a true fighter - she reminds us a lot of Phantom who always managed to fight back from every evil that came his way. Kudos to Star for taking such good care of her sister. Soft woos and gentle hugs to their family.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. Jazzy is running free. We send love and light to her family. What a brave dog!
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  3. What a very brave dog. We have something in our eyes.

  4. Jazzy was a very strong and brave dog. sending pug hugs and prayers for her family
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Thank you so much that is so beautiful. I picture Star and Jazzy playing.


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