Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pocket Goes Undercover to Find a New Social Network

Saturday nights River and I like to go on dream dates with Odie, Scooby, and Rusty.  We always have a great time.  This week we decided to put aside our fun to meet with the Weasels and try to reason with them.  We thought our meeting went well.  But the next morning the site was freezing up, the instant messaging wasn’t working, and the comment buttons was broken.  Darn those weasels; they lied to us.
Earlier that week I went on a secret mission.  I don’t like secret missions.  I like public missions where everyone knows where I am and I am leashed to a human who can lift me off the ground if I get into trouble.
The last mission I undertook did not work out well for us.  I visited a new playground, but it was worse than the wonky one we are playing in now.
I was met by the chipmunks that own the site.  I don’t know why varmints run all social networks.  I know the largest one, Facebook, is run by a rat faced Zuckerberg.  
The chipmunks showed me all the similarities by their site, which they call Social Go, and ours.  There was a profile page, which was quite easy to set up, groups, events, blogs (which they call magazines) and a forum page.
I didn’t see a chat page.  The chipmunks said that you could do chat using the forum page.  They also promised me video chat, but I couldn’t find the link.  It does allow you to upload music.  I know some pups love music.
We discussed money, and the price is the same.  If we moved, we pay by the month.  You really can’t tell how a place is until you live there.
When I returned, I told Secret Agent Enzo how to find the site.  He told me he loved it and found it very easy to navigate.  Best of all is that there were no bears.  
We have three more weeks before we have to shut down the trial run.  If you want to check the site out let us know, and we will send you an invite, and you can see if you like it.
As of right now we don’t have any plans to leave Ning but if Ning shuts down we do need an emergency home, and if Ning’s reliability continues to decline we may decide to move.    As always it is up to you, our dear friends.
I have to lie down now.  Secret missions are tiring.


  1. Isn't that a strange outfit to go undercovering in? Just wondering

  2. Decisions...decisions...whether to stay or move...that is the question.

  3. That all sounds very confusing. I agree - public missions, like going to the Beach, are much better.


  4. We are in - Mom doesn't do FB, but we can try whatever you try:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

    1. If you send us an email at we can send you a link for the new site and a link for th site we are currently on where there are lots of fun pups

  5. We like the public missions too. We can't get too crazy or mom will pull out her hair.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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