Friday, March 3, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Matter of Perspective

There are 99 problems in the United States but dogs ain’t one.  If dogs got organized, they could take over the country while the humans argued with each other.  But who wants an entire country to manage?  That is going to be hard to do when our main goals are running, playing, sleeping and just staring into space.  Even with doing all of that I think we could do a better job.
We could certainly do better than the city council of Eugene Oregon who has proposed to bar dogs from downtown Eugene.  Apparently, the biggest problem in Eugene is not the dufus hipsters and hippies who infest their city streets but dogs.  I thought hipsters and hippies were kind and accepting.  Maybe the only thing they want on the streets that have not bathed in two weeks is themselves.
The motion is expected to fail because there are many homeless people with dogs in Eugene, and there are people who live in the city who own dogs.  How would they be able to tell which dogs were downtown Eugene dwellers, or visitors, except that the dwellers would be walked by people who looked like Sonny without Cher?
To the citizens of Eugene, I would like to state that you are number 53 on the problems the United States face.
Number 86 on this list are the people who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline.  I am all for their protest.  Firstly, I don’t like any construction; it is noisy, interrupts naps and bothers my wildlife friends.   Also, I don’t like anything that can cause harm to good people.  Their protest is not why they are number 86.
They made a list because when the government momentarily paused drilling for the pipeline, and the protestors left, at least two dogs were left behind.  When the government moved back in to prepare for drilling again, they found the two dogs had added four puppies, because what else are you going to do at a protest site alone for months?
Now, it is very possible that the dogs, who are much smarter than humans, knew that the government would start destroying nature to build the pipeline again, and decided on their own to stay and keep protesting, because, as much as we love humans, we know how duplicitous they can be.  Or these devoted dogs who lived in the tents with the protesters for months were considered as disposable as the tents themselves.  Ironically the dogs were saved by the very people the protesters were trying to keep out.
On either side of the political spectrum, whether they are buttoned-down conservatives or freewheeling hipsters, whether they be those committed to saving tribal land and the environment, or those looking to rob the earth of its treasures, there are some who love and appreciate dogs, and others that don’t.
I am not interested in the politics.  I am only interested in those who care about dogs.


  1. Yups you nailed it... Very well said. Life truly does boil down to either your dog person or not... We have every bit as much contempt for the people pretending to be dog people and then leave their devoted pet's behind when they decide to move on to their next environmental agenda as we do the other animal abusers.

    Very well said.

    Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. I read that story about the doggies who were left behind in that gigantic mess when the pipeline protesters left. How could they just leave those poor pups? How thoughtless!

  3. We just do not understand why anyone would abandon a dog, especially when this was a dog family.

  4. BRAVO!!! very well said... sadly we dogs can not rule a country, we live in the moment and in the present... and all politicians live either in the past or in a mostly gloomy future... and no dog can have such freky ideas like a politician...not even me...

  5. We are surprised that Eugene would try to do such a thing! We have been there several times and generally Oregon is very dog friendly! Is there a dog march we can join?
    Your Pals Who Are Heading Out In The Morning,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We would gladly protest where do we sign up? stella rose

  7. We wanted to thank you for the kind words you left for Cousin Trooper. He was a super ManCat and we will miss him.

    The Florida Furkids