Thursday, March 2, 2017

Who Stole My Winter by River Song

Having been born in Florida, I have been told by my fellow Massachusetts dogs that I am a snow wimp.  When I am brought outside to do my business, and if there is snow or ice on the ground, it clumps in my paws or wets my fur, and my systems shut down:  Nothing is going in, and nothing is coming out.  That is why the Big Guy created pee pads.  I am more than happy to go back inside, and pee like the civilized humans do.
If I were an only dog I would have been very happy with my winter strategy but I have a sister and with siblings comes teasing.  It does not make it easier when my sister is twice my age and half my size.  I am young, scrappy and hungry just like my country but I am not peeing in the snow.
Tiny Pocket, pushing double digits in age, stands on the ice while shivering and she lets out a small stream of urine and is told what a good girl she is.  Hey, I’m the good girl in this house!  I was going to have to conquer my fear of frost.
The next morning it was bitter cold.  There were a few inches of shoveled grass, bent over, and frozen.  Pocket peed, then I followed.  My legs shook, my heart was racing, and I had to concentrate very hard, but I did it.  I went in the house, got a treat, and had confirmed what I already knew.  I was a good girl!
The next morning I was ready to show that I had become a true white walker.  We got up and went outside.  Someone had stolen the ice and most of the snow!  It had been replaced by water.  The sun was warm; there were little flowers poking out of the ground.  How long had we been asleep?  Pocket peed right away. She asked me if I was going too.  Hey!  I just began peeing on the snow; I don’t pee when it’s wet.  My human stood, holding the leash, waiting.  Geesh!   I stepped on the squishy ground.  I got into position and got the beautiful fur on my lower portion wet.  I did it, but I didn’t feel like a good girl.  I felt like a dirty girl.
The good news?  The melting formed a moat around our house, so I got to use the pee pads the rest of the day.  The next day was warmer and drier.  While I love the warm weather, I was disappointed that I couldn’t show that I had conquered my snow phobia.
It turned colder a few days later after we got in several good walks and lots of sniffs, but I don’t think my ice peeing will be appreciated now.  
I have all summer to work on peeing outside in the cold.
And to wonder who stole my winter.


  1. Crikey River ...... we at least you did it a couple of times. Can't have that Pocket sheila showing you up like that, aye?? Maybe by the time whoever stole your winter returns it you will have overcome your phobias.

  2. Oh River, Mr Bailey understands. It has been a rough winter for him - how do you get that pee going when it is freezing cold outside. But Mabel and Hazel are weird. Dad will work for an hour shoveling snow paths so we have grass to pee on and what do we do? Run out into the snow to pee - go figure!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. Glad you are conquering your snow phobia. Sorry you have sibling issues. You are so cute!

    Thank you for your post expressing sympathy to us for the loss of our dear Tabby.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to be supportive in this way!

    Debby in Arizona

  4. It hasn't snowed here since 1960 which is why we live here.

  5. Our Miss Ginger angel hated to get her feet wet! But she didn't mind snow and ice. Angel Joey dog slogged through everything just like I do, but when he came in, he gave his feet a thorough cleaning.

  6. If you find the one who stole winter, let us know because we are not at all happy to have had less than 4 inches of snow, no ice, and very little rain. We ARE snow dogs after all:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. When it's wet outside, we have EXPANDING bladders of steel!