Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Problem with a Good Vet by Pocket

I have always been jealous of my friends with good vets, the ones their parents trust completely.
I have been to multiple vets.  There was the one who held me by my front paws and looked me up and down, there was the one who charged way too much money, there was the one who only saw dogs in the morning and didn’t seem that interested in our well being.  Last Tuesday we went to another new vet.
We walked into the small waiting room.  The walls were covered with thank you cards, drawings, and pup pictures.  I liked that.  My parents put me down to sniff.  The Sniff reviews were good.
We went into the exam room.  I got weighed (I am up to six pounds) then I checked out more sniff reviews.  The vet came in with a tech.  They both began to tell me how cute I was and they fawned over me.  They certainly knew how to impress ]parents.  My dad held me as they took a picture for their wall.
Then they began to check me over, and they said everything seemed good.  I did some shaking when it was time for the shots, but they said I was very brave.  They gave me a treat and a stuffed duck toy.  It was a fantastic experience.
“Her teeth do need work,” the vet said. “The only thing holding them in place is the plaque.  It is common in Yorkies.”
Forget about it toots.  My parents have gone to other vets who mentioned my teeth, but they never trusted the vet enough to have them cleaned.  My dad has used every toothpaste, spray, water additive and foam known to man in the last four years to combat my tooth decay.  We weren’t winning, but my teeth were still in my head, so that was a victory.  Sorry Mrs. Doctor Lady, but no expensive dental work for this dog.
“It might be time,” my mommy said.
Excuse me.  Time?  Time for what?  Time to leave in a huff?  Time to call the SPCA?  
The woman who does the dental work entered and looked in my mouth.  “Yes, some of these are going to have to come out.  Would you like us to do an estimate?”
No.  No estimate.  Keep your fingers off my teeth!  Mom!
Mom thought it over.  I knew she would say no.   So I had a few bad teeth?  What’s the harm?  
She said yes.  Then things moved very quickly.  An estimate was done, an appointment was made, and now, nine years after I lost my forlorn ovaries some of my teeth are joining them in the doggy scrap heap.
On March 29 I am going to have my teeth cleaned and some extracted.  
Some dogs say a good vet is a great gift.  To me, not so much.   Give me my old incompetent, uncaring vet any day.  At least no one makes appointments with them.     


  1. What rotten luck!!! Just when you feel safe, having a no-care vet, and you KNOW you'll get out of going often, you find one you trust....SHEESH!

  2. Oh we laughed and laughed cos you will recall I had to go to the vet to have my teef cleaned ONLY to leave with 12 less in my mouth, and to find out 8 had already fallen out.........hope you have a better time. Mom said it was worth it though cos my mouf smelled like a New York Barge full of trash..............stella rose

  3. We have been assured that this will prolong your life...if you live through it. hehehe

  4. Well, maybe the tooth fairy will leave you some money if you put your teeth under your pillow. My Mom said your clinic sounds wonderful and I have to admit they sound pretty cool to me too. They did give you a toy duck as a parting gift.

    Aroo to you,

  5. No fun having to have your toofers worked on . Our Dad had a root canal today and he is in pure agony. But maybe THIS vet is THE one who will do right by you. Good luck with the dental work.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. You just never know Pocket.Ya walk into a new environment..Sniffing..
    Attempting to pick up some " good vibes"..And then it happens..Looks like they have already taken your " Lady Parts"..Now I would be Concerned as to what will you Chew meaty Bones,etc. etc. etc with.. Have your Parents Considered " Crowns"..You ask what are Crowns....Well...That's another story$$$$$$$$ I remain..Angel Ladybug & Broke$$$$

  7. Crikey .... what a bit of bad luck, aye?? It was looking good there for a while. I'll be thinking of you on the 29th. 'Muuuuuuuuuuuum brush my teeth, aye?? I don't want to have to go to any dentist bloke.'

  8. Just when you thought it was SAFE to go to a Dogtor...
    KABOOM... along comes a TRAITOR ... Sorry about this.. REVOLTIN' DEVELOPMENT.

  9. Hazel went to the Dogtor yesterday and was relieved when that no dental was necessary right now. We are impressed they gave you a toy
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. we cross our paws for your appointment and we send lots of potp. I dislike to go to the vet... no matter what they always find something what needs pills or a cream or whatever... I bet they do that with purpose and they really search for hairs in da soup ;o(

  11. Oh that's bad news :-( Hope all goes well on 29th. we'll be thinking of you and send POTP that it is all over quickly and you are back home with shiny clean teeth. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  12. We all love our vet, except maybe Mackey who doesn't trust anybody but Mom and Dad. Most of us have had our teeth cleaned and it was no big deal. Our doc uses this stuff that makes us sleepy and when we wake up we feel kind of drunk. Mom laughs because we stagger around but we think it feels pretty cool.