Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tiny is our March 26, 2016 Pup of the Week

My parents have a liquor cabinet in their living room.  They don’t have liquor bottles, so mommy stores her blankets in it.  On top of the cabinet are my ashes and several items our friends sent to my parents after my passing.  One of them is a lovely fold out card with many pictures of me with inspirational quotes.  It was sent by mommy’s friend Pam Bolton and her husband Brian.  It was signed by them and their Yorkie Tiny.
I always have a special place in my heart for my fellow Yorkies.  Tiny’s family’s kind gesture inspired me to follow her closely.  I loved to see her bring joy to her family.  You can measure a dog’s worth by how happy they make their humans.  For a small dog Tiny is worth a tremendous amount.
Last week Tiny suddenly became ill.  She could not walk correctly.  She did not want to eat.  She was vomiting.  Parents never expect their five-year-old dog to become seriously ill.  When I checked in on my friend, I became very concerned.  We little dogs can become very sick in a short amount of time.  My Tiny friend was seriously ill.
There were several days of scans and tests.  Tiny was not getting any better.  Watching her struggle was like looking into my past.  There were thousands of prayers being flown up the mountain for Tiny.  I decided to make my own personal plea.
The Big Guy was sitting on his throne in a cave at the top of the mountain where he could see all beings:  Mortal and Immortal.  There were prayers scattered around the cave and piled high.  I don’t know how he gets through all of them.  He didn’t look up.  “Yes Foley?” he asked.
“My friend Tiny is sick.  Her family loves her very much.”
“Tiny’s ending has been written,” the Big Guy said.  “There is no stopping it now.”
His direct answers always steamed me.  “Why Tiny?  She is five.  She’s a baby.  She brings her family nothing but joy.  Have you looked out your cave and seen the mortal world lately?  Do you know what they need?  They need joy.  So little brings people joy now.  And you are going to remove something that makes people happy.  For what?”
He looked up at me.  “For nothing,” he said.  “I have told you, don’t try to make sense out of death’s timing.  There is none.”  
He went back to work.  I stomped out of the cave on my tiny paws and flew off.
I went to see Tiny’s brother Gizmo.  Gizmo had preceded me to the Bridge by six weeks.  He was nervously pacing in his little house.  When he saw me, we wordlessly hugged.  We both knew Tiny would be arriving soon.  I helped Gizmo make up a bed for Tiny although I knew, at least for the first few days, Gizmo and Tiny would snuggle together.
We were together to see Tiny’s parents get the devastating news.  Tiny had a mass in her chest.  She was monitored, and Tiny’s parents discussed options with the vet, but the bottom line was that it was unlikely Tiny would get better.  She was brought home for one final night until the vet arrived the next day to send Tiny to Gizmo and me.  
Gizmo and I were there to meet Tiny when she arrived.  She ran to Gizmo and gave him a long hug.  The other angels arrived to greet Tiny.  “I should have had more time,” she said softly.  We then all ran to her and covered her in hugs and kisses.
Tiny and Gizmo have settled in nicely.  All of Tiny’s pain and suffering is over, and he has been granted immortal life.  They are always with their parents even if their parents don’t know it.
I do feel for the people in the sad and lonely mortal world.  While Tiny has brightened the immortal side, her passing had made the mortal side a shade darker.
They are the ones who need the light.


  1. It is soo hard when they are young as we know first hand. It is always hard but there is some comfort if it has been a good long life. sending pug prayers for Tiny's family
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. So sad but in a joyful kind of way.

  3. It is always hard to lose a beloved furry, but when it happens so quickly and to such a young pup, it is doubly sad. Soft woos and gentle hugs to Tiny's family.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. What a lovely way to immortalize your friend, Tiny! You seriously have a lovely way with words and we just wanted to say thanks for your kind words about our loss of Princess.
    Young or old, it's always terrible for the humans to accept that we have short lives in comparison to many of them. My mommy thinks we will one day find Princess's soul in another furry but it will wait for a while,
    Cuddles and purrs,
    Charles and mommy, Anna

  5. We are glad Tiny got such a wonderful greeting but sad for her family who continues in grief.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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