Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Burst of Freedom by Pocket

When our parents are away from us, it seems like every minute lasts an hour.  We don’t know if they will return.  It is terribly frightening.  I don’t want my parents to know that worry because I Iove them.  But last Sunday I did, inadvertently, given them a taste of that fear.
I have a different harness since the previous one injured my trachea.  When you get a new harness all those annoying tags that we are forced to wear have to be transferred from one harness to the other.  Earlier that day my Mom did just that using one of those little wire ring things.
My Dad did not notice the tags.  When we left for our walk Daddy clipped my leash to the small ring with the tags.  We were on our usual walk when we passed my friend the Corgi’s house.  The Corgi came to the window to bark at us.  I went ahead, pulling the leash tight, and barked back at him.
Suddenly the little ring holding my tags gave way.  My tags flew in the air.  I kept walking, now unleashed.  Where we live has very few cars, and there were none in sight.  I crossed the street where Corgi was barking in the window.  I went up the house, which was ten feet from the road, barked at Corgi, walked to the side lawn, peed, and got picked up by Daddy.
It was not long at all.
But to my parents this is what happened:  My tags exploded, and the leash came undone.  I crossed a street (thank God there were no cars coming). They yelled at me to come to them, but I ignored them.  (They also forgot the word come and just started screaming random words like “banana” and “rankle rotary engine.”)  I would not listen and ran away from them.
Daddy was also holding River’s leash while he was trying to run after me and River was having none of it.  She sat down like a ten-pound boulder and Daddy was trying to drag her and catch me.  He still pulled River an Olympic distance before Mommy, who was frozen watching me, stepped forward and took River’ leash.  This entire horrible process took about three seconds, but to my parents, it seemed 20 minutes.
Daddy then walked onto the stranger’s property where I was barking.  He went to pick me up, but I darted away from him.  That is when I took a few steps to my right to pee but Daddy saw me running down the street and disappearing into the woods while he posted my picture on Facebook and on every lamppost in town.
I finished peeing and waited for Daddy to pick me up and put the leash on me to continue our walk.  My, did they make a fuss over me.  I was only loose for a few seconds.  My parents reacted like we dogs react when they come home.  I felt very loved.
I hoped they learned their lesson and never leave the house again.


  1. You are a good teacher but humans take a lot of reinforcement

  2. That must have been fun and exciting for you, but for some reason our Mom freaks out if we ever get some "freedome".

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. OHHHHH yes, we have had similar experiences at our home also, once Sammy my angel brudder got away from mom and it was 130 million degrees out and the more she chased him the more he ran, and once I got away from her in a big snow drift and mom kept falling in the snow.........I told mom one day she would look back on it all and laugh, so far that day has not come. stella rose

  4. We've done that to Mom before and yes, she always freaks. Lexie and Gracie

  5. Oh pal, you shouldn't scare the peeps like that, they have weak hearts!

  6. We hope they learned their lesson! When we get out...unless there's a cat to chase...we get tricked by 'Do you want a piece of cheese?' Peeps really freak out when you let them off the leads.

  7. We are glad you are safe. How scary for them.

    Abby Lab

  8. Oh wow!
    This very same thing happened to me too when I was only about six months old!!
    I'm so glad you're okay and that there were no cars around (cars are tricky because they often get in the way off good sniffs so we don't always notice them and they don't always notice us!!!)
    I also know how you feel about missing your parents. I hate when mum and dad leave me at home because I never know how long they are going to be...
    Hopefully they learned their lesson!!

    Your good friend Morrie :)

  9. Oh Pocket - you brought back to mind a very recent escape story of mine! Mom thought I was safely in my portable pen while she helped take pictures at the huge 7 acre park where the obedience trial was. Then she heard someone yell "loose dog!" She looked and thought - "oh it's a pug" Then "OH MY GOD IT"S MY PUG!!!!!
    With the commotion I was glad to see mom and went right to her. I had got tired of waiting and figured out how to get the zipper undone on the mesh door! BOL!

  10. glad there were no cars nor other scary things on the street that moment...that are the moments we think our hearts slip away... it happened to the mama too, she fixed the leash on my thin collar and the pitiful plastic lock flew away like a bullet... fortunately it was because I saw my friend Bella and her owner opened the gate so I was safe in her backyard...

  11. Oh you have no idea how scary that is for your parents. You are so special to them and they worry so much about your safety. I know a little unexpected freedom is exciting, but we all love you too much to take chances.

  12. Yipes! Our patron saint Old Charisma was an expert at slipping out the door whenever someone went in or out. My humans sometimes had to drive around the neighborhood to find her and bring her back home! Be careful little dude!


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