Friday, August 25, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The Truth About the Eclipse

On Monday humans from around the world gathered to watch the total eclipse of the sun when the moon, the Earth, and the Sun were perfectly aligned briefly turning the world dark.
The Earth, Sun, and moon perfectly aligned to block out the light? Please! This is why I love mankind. They believe anything.
When I was a four-year-old dog, I made my first million kibbles by putting a fire breathing dragon on display. I charged ten kibbles a person. I told the people it was very dangerous to look directly at the dragon. If they did, they would go blind. The people willingly bought and put on glasses, which had a fire breathing dragon painted on the inside lens. People left raving about the dragon. Gullible humans.
This Total Eclipse scheme was created by scientists who knew that humans could not accept the truth: Total Eclipse Day is when all the angels at Rainbow Bridge fly into the sun to go back to their loved ones. A number of angels flying into the sun is so  immense it blocks the sun.
This great scientific cover up has ruined Total Eclipse Day. We angels are back on Earth for a short time, running around, enjoying our yard, and seeing our parents, but they don’t see us because they are all wearing stupid glasses and staring up at the sun. What a crock!
But without realizing it, our parents do feel the emotional response of our return. They feel wonder; they are overcome with tears, they believe it is one of the most awesome experiences of their lives. They think it is from seeing the moon move in front of the sun, which is totally created by the glasses It is because, for a short two minutes, the angels walk the Earth again (and not in a Game of Thrones white walker, or Walking Dead type of way, we dead get bad publicity on television) and we leave our parents with a sense of euphoria.
You can believe science, or you can have faith that what I am saying is true.
Science is a class you need to pass high school.
Faith keeps you going in the world.


  1. We are so glad we have you to set us straight on everything. You are right about humans. Where can we get those dragon glasses?

  2. We knew it and I enjoyed my visit with my Brother Angel Ivan.

  3. So that's why Mom was so happy that day!!! And us too - those Angels of ours spread a lot of happy dust:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. So glad you told us what was really happening. Mom wasn't sure about all the hype but she felt drawn to be outside and watch - now she knows it was really because our angels were here
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. We did not get to see the total eclipse here in the UK but we are sure you have the true meaning of the moment of darkness and the angels. Nose licks and love from Moth xx


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