Sunday, September 24, 2017

Abigail is our September 24, 2017 Pup of the Week

She had no name, no home, and no chance.  Her right ear had been ripped off.  The skin was hanging off her face.  She was alone walking down a street in Southern Florida, looking for a place to lie down.
Someone found her, near death, and brought her to Miami’s busy city shelter, where she needed a miracle to keep her from joining us angels.
Her miracle arrived with the name Victoria Fraizer who saw the poor pup’s picture on Facebook and fearing she would euthanized contacted them.  She named the baby Abigail and brought her to Pets First Wellness Center where her veterinarian, Thomas Jackson, determined that Abigail had been involved in dogfighting.
The wrap covering Abigail’s wounds resembled a bonnet, so Victoria bought several headbands for her.  The headbands were placed over the bandages.  Abigail, knowing her life depended on it, happily posed for pictures, which were uploaded by Victoria and a viral sensation was born.  
When Abigail was ready to leave the hospital, Victoria brought her home and sought the perfect parents for her.  She found them, Megan Steinke and her husband Jason who had already rescued another pittie, Tala.  Abigail’s life of pain, torture, and fear were over.  She was finally home.
The Steinke’s continued Abigail’s prominent online presence.   She has her own Facebook Page  (WARNING:  GRAPHIC IMAGES) and  Instagram page which has been used to increase awareness in pitbull rescues, overall adoptions, and second-chance dogs.  Right now Abigail and Tara are raising money for the children affected by the hurricanes, just one of their many causes.
Victoria stayed part of Abigail’s life, and she entered Abigail in the hero dog contest.  Each candidate raised money for a charity.  Abigail’s charity is Dogs on Deployment an organization that finds homes for dogs whose parents have been deployed overseas.
On September 16, in a ceremony that will be broadcast on the Hallmark Ceremony on October 26, Abigail was named dog hero of the year.  There were many celebrities at the gala but, besides Abigail, the real people to be celebrated were on stage too, Victoria, Dr. Jackson, and the Steinkes.
Abigail went from unloved, abused, homeless dog, to celebrity, hero, and champion of underprivileged dogs.
Everyone can learn lessons from Abigail.  Mine is that no matter how low you get never give up.  Like Abigail, your miracle might be right around the corner.


  1. There really are wonderful people in this world. Such a sad beginning. So glad she's safe and loved now.

  2. That made my whiskers a bit weepy wet. Abigail is such a hero as are all of those wonderful humans who helped her along the way.

  3. We are also big fans of Abigail, what a wonderful, courageous who deserves to be loved.

  4. That is such a good story. Brings tears to our eyes, but for the most part tears of joy. Abigail is one courageous pup!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Such a sad beginning. Buy Abigail is my hero. Thank you everybody for helping her out. I love Abigail.

  6. What can I say but I fell in love with Abigail from the first time I saw her abused body. I wonnderd what kind of person it took to want to see dogs fighting each other. I am so thankful she was rescued, recovered from the abuse,and a truly lovinlovin family that adopted her.You are truly loved.

  7. Thank you for sharing Abigail's story with us. She is a true hero and so are the people who saved her
    Hazel & Mabel

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  9. It's amazing how one little white dog with one ear whom you've never met can completely capture your heart. Abigail is a super hero!

  10. I'm so glad there was a happy end... and I agree with you... heroes never give up ;O)

  11. We hope Abigail continues to do well and has a long and happy life!

  12. Thank you for sharing this story. I will continue to follow Abigail and her wonderful humans.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing such an uplifting story. I will continue following the great work and adventures of Abigail!!!!!

  14. We love a good story thank you for sharing.

    XO Astro & Mitzie


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