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River Song: Common Night Walker

Now that summer is ending my sister, and I have gone back to being common nightwalkers.   Our exercise time is after supper.  With the cooler weather approaching Mother Nature has to save on energy to pay the heating bill, so it gets dark earlier.  

My parents enjoy walking us in the dark.  We don’t have any interruptions.  If it is sunlight, there are white walkers slowly roaming the site in packs.  They get Pocket, and I worked up by moving at a slow, steady pace and not paying attention to us.  Nothing causes unrest for my sister, and I like being ignored.  We start barking to get their attention but most of the time the deaf bastards just keep walking.

Occasionally a white walker, usually a woman, will pay attention to us, but for some reason, we both get hit with a case of the stupids.  We bark, run to them, backup, bang heads, stagger around, nip at one another, and eventually chase them off with nothing but a mental note in their head to donate to the United Lap Dog College Fund.

Last week, when we were on our last walk of the evening, close to midnight, just a quick jaunt down the street so I can sniff and Pocket can take her late night poop, we came to a storm drain.  My sister and I looked down the opening while Daddy, who was walking us solo, pulled on our leashes trying to dislodge us from our pursuit when we both began to bark angrily into the drain and pull on our leash.

All the white walkers go to bed at 8:00 to make sure they see the sunrise and were promised another day, so Daddy hates when we bark late at night, but our attention to the storm drain particularly bothered him as he wondered what had our attention, and then he yelled “Pennywise!” pulled us away from the drain and began dragging us back to the house, leaving a trail of late night Pocket poop in the middle of the road.  He got us inside, double locked the door, and shut out the lights.

What did we see down the drain?  We will never say.

But if you ever want to scare the poop out of your parents, and you walk at night, bark down a storm drain.

Man does that freak them out.


  1. Oh, we might not want to look down a storm drain. We think there might be a Stephen King thing down there! What are white walkers?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. We live in a ove 55 community filled with white people who walk all day

  2. That's funny-scaring your for daddy like that. He is probably sure he escaped a monster.

  3. We don't usually get to walk at night in the dark because Mom is worried about skunks and she doesn't want to trip on the sidewalk bumps:) But if we did get to walk in the dark AND started barking at a storm drain, we are sure she might mess her pants:) BOL

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Oh my goodness, keep away from the scary drain!

  5. A cat! That's what it was. We often have cats in our stormwater drains. They sneak down there and spy on everyone. We're starting to have our EARLY walks again, AND it's getting almost too warm for a mid-day walk. But we don't walk in the dark...SHE can't keep the leads from untangling.

  6. I love taking walks at nighttime but mum is not so keen.. I bet you gave your daddy a bit of a scare :)
    I also love to sniff at night plus there are possums in all the trees so that always keeps things interesting!
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie!

  7. Maybe there was a rat in the sewer grate!!! Yipes! I remember when Miss Ginger was still with us after she lost her eyesight. She accidentally stepped on a sewer grate. She stopped dead in her tracks and carefully inched backwards. That was the only thing she was ever frightened by!

  8. We don't go on night walks cause we live out of town. we do run around in our yard
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. Yes, it took Ma a sec to figure what 'white walkers' were too, then, she remembered what she would look like if she didn't color her furs (she's started turning when she was 26!yikes!)! BOL!!!!! Anyhu, Ma says she would do the same as your Pops, except pullin' a 60lb terrier isn't as easy....☺
    Ruby ♥


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