Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The 2017 Angels Make Thanksgiving dinner

Every Thanksgiving the dogs at Rainbow Bridge gather for a feast and celebrate our unity and love.  The dogs who arrived at the Bridge since our last dinner serve their favorite food.  Most of all we give thanks to our many friends and parents who did not join us this year and pray they won’t next year.
The first course was served by our French friend Easy the Weimaraner  We were so lucky to have a brilliant French chef create an hors devours to whet our appetite.  He created a lovey Gougeres, a puff pastry with cheese.  I had never experienced such a taste explosion.  Easy’s sly observations made us all smile.  Laughter is a great way to start a dinner.
Beautiful Fern was next with a British meal called Bubble and Squeak.  I was concerned that that was the sound the food would make when it was being digested, but it is actually a scrumptious dish made from potatoes  Fern, a very sweet soul, served each dish with a smile and kiss.
After two courses from Europe it was refreshing to get some good old American food and who is better to serve treats from the USA than the All-American boy Junior Johnson?   He filled our plates with sliders and fries.  Junior smiled broadly as we howled in appreciation.
Broiled Salmon salad was an excellent way to cleanse our palate.  It as cooked to perfection by Buddy Boy Smith, our Canadian friend.  Buddy made every serving for a dog of his size and strength so us little dogs got very big helpings.
We were taken back to international cuisine by our sweet friend Luca who presented us with a barbequed meat dish called Asado.  The meat melted in our mouth.  It was heavenly, as was Luca’s smile.
Playful Sydney bounded in with the next course, a lovely risotto.  It was made perfectly, just as everything Sydney does is perfect because she has always been an outstanding example of a perfect dog.
I became angry when I saw a cat jump on the table with a slice of salmon in his mouth until I saw it was my dear friends Barney the Cat.  I asked him to come to me and told him that all her cat friends were welcome at our table.  If the Indians could invite the settlers then why couldn’t I invite the cats?  Barney thanked me and said the kitties had their own meal, but he hoped to return by desert.
Before Barney left she smelled Walleye and turned to see Ruger walking in with big plates of Walleye.  He gave a large portion to everyone then gave Barney a piece and a kiss before he ran off to the kitty feast.
Pintus followed with deep bowls of Posole.  At first, I wasn’t sure about this odd dish, but when I began to eat it, I slurped it all down and gave Pintus a big kiss of gratitude.  
Noel arrived at the Bridge without a family, but he was quickly adopted by several of the pup mom’s living at the Bridge.  He never learned how to cook, but he was more than happy to clear the dishes thrilled to be part of  Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in his existence.
Brutus was next with bottle of his famous Brutus the Bulldog beer that has become very popular at the Bridge.  It is a delicately made micro-brew with a tough edge made with love, just like Brutus.
The regal Cocoa Puff came next with a beautiful chocolate truffle ganache.  It was light and delicate and brought everyone a smile just like Cocoa.  And of course, she had kisses for everyone.  
My little friend Tiny, a fellow Yorkie, brought over some lovely chicken salad finger sandwiches from chickens that she raised herself.  Tiny didn’t have to kill the chickens.  They were more than happy to lend a wing  Tiny is such a sweet dog animals give up body parts for him.
Janie is one of the luckiest dogs here because she is living with her parents who preceded her here but she still came by with a plate of freeze-dried liver for us which was very nice of her.
We heard the sound of drums and saw fireworks going off in the sky.  Beaux-Jangles appeared around the bushes banging on a bass drum and wearing a hat with fireworks exploding out of the top.  He stopped and wiggled his butt in front of us then did a dance which caused a cloud to appear over us.  Suddenly it opened, and margaritas poured down on us.  We were out of Brutus Beer, so Beaux Jangles’ margaritas were welcome.
Nora came out next with some waffles for us which went great with the margaritas.  Nora served her waffles with sweet syrup and a welcome kiss.
We needed a break from food, and we were very lucky to have Dory and Bilbo come out next with wonderful, sweet-smelling flowers for all of us.  I made sure to save my flowers because they were so beautiful, as are Dory and Bilbo. There were flowers from all over the world.
The minions serving us brought out a steaming bowl of potatoes.  When we stuck our spans in it, Mr. Bailey sprung out from the middle and began throwing potatoes at us.  We had a cool potato friend with our Idaho pug friend before sitting down to eat some spud.
Pancho, who was saved by Angel Apollo’s Mom, didn’t ever find his own family, but he is a permanent member of Apollo’s pack.  And he brought us delicious corn on the cob, and he took the husks to spell out thank you to Momma Kimberli for saving him and giving him a family.
Then came the gastronomical highlight of the meal.  Hannah Banana was known as a magical creator of dog treats when she was mortal, and now that she has had a few months to work with the world’s immortal chefs her treats have become truly heavenly.  There was not a single crumb left.  The meal was made unforgettable because we shared it with Hannah, a truly unforgettable dog.
Tupper and Max’s special sister Minnie brought with her some wine to help wash down Hannah’s delicacy.  Minnie was very cute pouring us our drinks.  She made Tupper and Max proud.
Deuce was a senior dog, abandoned and alone when Miss Kimberli took him in and made him part of her pack.  To make sure Deuce knows he has a family now Apollo gave him some of his special bacon cigars to pass out us.
If Junior Johnson brought us All-American hamburgers, it was only right for his sister Chelsea to bring us All-American hot dogs. They tasted incredible.  The best part was watching Chelsea, and Junior run and play with one another while we ate.  I could watch those two chase one another all day long.
Jazzmin was next, and what goes better with hot dogs than popcorn.  Jazzmin popped it right in front of us and made it to order.  It was very good, and Jazzmin gave everyone a sweet kiss.
Otis from the All in the Family pack followed him with a big tub of chocolate ice cream.  I didn’t think I had any more room for food but who can resist ice cream?  Not me.  
I knew I could not finish another bite, but Cappy had the biggest, most delicious chocolate cake I had ever seen.  I moved around some internal organs to make more room and had myself a piece and a friendly pat on the head from my friend good friend Cappy.
We were full.  When I saw sweet Dixie walking towards us, I felt bad because none of us could eat another bite.  But Dixie had peppermints for us that got all the food taste out of our mouths and made us feel refreshed.  Dixie is new to the Bridge and did not have long to prepare, but the peppermints were terrific.
There was a curtain along the far side of the table.  I thought it was only there for decoration, but suddenly there was a drum roll and the curtain parted.  There were beds everywhere and standing in the middle of them was Jeni.  She announced that this was her contribution to the party, beds for us all to sleep on after a great meal.  We all hurried to the beds and snuggled down.
We looked up to see Pepper standing on the table.  She smiled at us then read to us about all our parents, wonderful stories that made us all feel comfortable and lulled us to sleep.  Just before I closed my eyes, I felt Pepper snuggle in next to me.
A tip of the tail to all the outstanding pups who contributed to our celebration.  
We are sorry their parents no longer have these pups with them, but we want them to know they spent a glorious Thanksgiving and know they will spend many more.


  1. What a wonderful way to end our day, hearing of this beautiful and love-filled feast across the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you, our friends, for sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. We are smiling ear to ear hearing about the wonderful Thanksgiving at the Rainbow Bridge.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful as well
    Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    did you see the dog that won the National Dog Show??
    A Brussels Griffon!!

  3. This was just the topper to our day of thanks, what a beautiful way to remember those sweet souls that have gone before us.

  4. This made me smile and cry at the same time. Love it!

  5. What a lovely post and a lovely way to end a day of giving thanks.

    Another Jan

  6. That was the sweetest Thanksgiving post I've ever read. You are wonderful, and I am thankful for *you*.

  7. Thank you, Foley and Mom, for sharing a special glimpse of the first Thanksgiving our kitties and doggies had away from us this year. Including our dear Barney kitty means so much to us. Thank you.

  8. that is a wonderful post... and I hope they all celebrated together this way... and yes, Easy was a fabulous chef ;O)))

  9. Love love this. So beautiful. These pups are so missed.

  10. What a beautiful meal created by so many beautiful Angels!! We are thankful to have such wonderful friends who help us remember our Angels!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy(and Angel Dory and Angel Bilbo)

  11. We are so happy knowing the angels had a nice howliday dinner!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. What a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, thank you so much for sharing it with us!! Ah memories......stella rose