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River's Trip to the Groomer

As many of you know, I am treated like family at my groomer’s.  One of my siblings lives with them as does my Baby Daddy, although our mutual attraction was squashed by a few snips of the doctor’s scissors.  Now, like many old married couples, we take a whiff and move on.
Now that my breed has won Best in Show the adoration has only become greater.
When our groomer, Jan, took me from my Mom, she said that she cuts lots of Griff’s hair, but I am her favorite.
Who can blame her?
When we entered the grooming area, I was placed on my comfy throne with many pillows piled on top of another with red velvet on the backrest.  Pocket was thrown in a cage with a rusty hinge and no blanket.
First I got a bath with soap from the synactif soap collection.  Three vestal virgins gently washed me in distilled water using a brush made from fine llama hair.  Then they placed me on a red cushion and dried me by waving silk handkerchiefs.  
Pocket got bathed in a rusty steel tub in filthy, cold water, with a used brillo pad.
Once I was dry, it was time for my manicure.  My paws were dipped in lovely, warm soap and then they were gently filed by three elderly Shih-Tzus who were manicure masters.  Pocket’s were filed with an unsharpened steak knife by a retired Vietnamese grocer with cataracts.
Then my anal glands were expressed into a small pool that, once created, was poured into a beaker where it would be made into a sensuous perfume.  Pocket’s anal glands sent a senior sheepdog to the hospital with respiratory problems.
My hair was then tenderly cut by Vidal Sassoon while Pocket’s hair was cut by the three-fingered stepson of Gorilla Monsoon.
When the cutting was done, I was put back on my throne while Pocket was put in another rusty cage with a broken hinge.
When my parents returned the groomers tipped my parents for the privilege of letting them cut my hair, but they charged twice as much for having to clean Pocket.
I am scheduled to go back to the groomers in seven weeks, but I might go sooner. I am sure they would appreciate that.
(Editor’s Note from Pocket:  When we arrived at the groomer’s River fell asleep and stayed that way through her entire treatment.  Her entire account of our grooming is delusional.  But I let her believe it.  That’s what good sisters do.)


  1. You are a good sister to not burst her bubble
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. hahah yes... that's what the bestest sisters do ;O) I was happy to see one of your cousins on the winners podest, congrats!!!

  3. River - you almost make a bath and grooming sound good!!! We have visits scheduled for right before Christmas, we hope your groomer moves to our spa:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. That certainly beats our experience of Mom attacking us with dull scissors.

  5. We giggled our way through this. All too funny.

  6. That sounds like such a dreamy good grooming time fur sure!

  7. We were thinking it was a dream.... We get the 'Pocket' treatment here. Well, actually, we get home cuts.

  8. Yipes! Poor Pocket! I have a wonderful groomer named Miss Jacquie. She's the only groomer I ever go to.

  9. Gosh, I wish I could sleep through my grooming. I get too scared and make a big fuss

  10. Great story BOL We doggies all get groomed at home but we do have a bit of pampering here too. Nose licks and love from Moth xx


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