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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Why You Can Treat Your Dog Like a Human But Not Your Human Like a Dog

“You treat that dog like it’s a person!”  That is what we hear the anti-dogdite people say to our parents who are doting on us.  I don’t think that is true.  We are much nicer to people than other humans are, and all that love should be reciprocated.  But what if humans began to treat each other the way they treat dogs?
If a dog walking in the park takes a poop and the human cleans it up, everyone thinks the human is a good citizen.  If two people walk through the park and one of them takes a poop and the other cleans it up everyone thinks it’s weird and someone calls the police.
A human can give their dog a belly rub in the warm sun, but if a human lies on it’s back, and another begins to vigorously rub their stomach, they are told in it inappropriate.  
Humans can dress dogs in clothes and walk us down the street, which might raise a skeptical eyebrow.  We can walk naked too.  A human walking naked raises the certainty of bail.
A human can bathe a dog in public, but one human bathing another human in public is naughty.
Humans and dogs can both ride in the passenger side of the car.  Dogs can hang their head out the window and feel the cool breeze.  A human sticks his head out the window, and someone is getting a ticket.
A dog can lick his down under in public, and people politely look away.  If a man does it, no one can look away.  
Everyone loves to see a human throw a frisbee and a dog catch it in his mouth but hit one human in the mouth with a frisbee and fists are going to fly.
Some people find a dog licking its human’s face to be lovely, other people find it disgusting, but if one person is heavily licking another person’s face in public everyone finds it disgusting.
If your dog can do a few tricks, everyone thinks you are a good parent but if your daughter is turning a few tricks no one thinks you were a good parent.
So remember humans you can treat you your dog like a human but never treat your human like a dog.


  1. Those are hilarious! Are you a standup comedian? You should be. Thanks for making me laugh :)

  2. BOL - great post - thanks for the chuckles!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Such a funny post BOL we really enjoyed that! Nose licks and love from Moth xx


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