Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pocket's Dark and Stormy Night

During hurricane season I read countless accounts of destructive storms and survival.  I prayed for my friends, and I thanked God that I was not in the path of the storm.  I am a nervous pup on sunny days; I didn’t know what I would do if wicked weather arrived.
On Sunday night I got a taste of a tropical storm, and I did not like it in the least.
As scary bad storms go, this one wasn’t excessive.  The winds topped out at 67 miles per hour, and we got five inches of rain in a twelve hour period.  Many of my friends have gone through worse, and I am sure they faced it braver than I did.
We live in a tiny home held together with a few loose screws and anchored to the ground by a worn chain.  Storms really hate small houses.  When you see pictures of neighborhoods destroyed by the wind they are usually areas like ours.  I live in fear that the wind is going to pick up our house and blow it away like  Dorothy’s abode.
The storm didn’t bother me when I was sitting in the living room but when we moved to the bedroom, which was`taking the brunt of the intense southern wind,  the storm intensified, and the house began to shake, so did I.  Adding to the tension was an endless baseball game where the pitchers gave up runs with equal frequency that their hitters plated them.
The wind shook the house, and I lifted my head and looked around nervously then settled down.  A batter hit the white ball out of the park where no one could chase it, the announcers yelled, and I got up, did the spin around, and sat.  Rain lashed the side of the house, and I climbed on Daddy trying to get to higher ground until he put me down.
The game ended, which was good, and then the worst possible thing happened.  For just a second the lights went out.
I can’t explain why the power going out, even for a second, bothers me so much, but it does.  My parents were planning on going to sleep, but I was in the midst of a full body shaking panic attack.  Daddy told Mommy to go to bed, and he picked me up and walked around the house with me trying to calm me, but the winds were blowing harder, and the rain was lashing with more intensity.
We looked towards the backyard and saw that two of the yard rocking chairs were blowing across the grass.  Daddy put me down and went into the storm to rescue the furniture.  I watched in horror as he wrestled the chair into the house like Gilligan trying to get a drunken Skipper from his hammock during a typhoon.  
He arrived back inside, wet and cold.  He decided bed would be best and we climbed in together, but I was in no mood to settle down. I walked up and down the bed then jumped off, several times.  Daddy finally gave up and sat up with me reading until I finally settled down and went to sleep at 4:00 AM.
I woke up glued to my Dad's leg.  It was still stormy, so our garden day was canceled, but I didn’t mind, I needed sleep.
Something had kept me up all night.


  1. Oh dear Pocket! What a horrible experience. We have had a few days of high winds - yesterday was one of them and it almost blew mom off the deck. But we did not get any rain with it. That is supposed to show up tonight and rain all weekend. Get some rest sweetie
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Wow - dat's a big storm! Hope it's calmer for ya now.

  3. what a nightmare that storm was... we always fear for my crib too... specially for the roof what makes noises like a 108 year old granny when we have storms...

  4. It was a very bad storm, Pocket. I usually sleep in my crate due to poor bladder control through the night, but I was allowed upstairs and slept on Mommy's bed that night. We thought the entire Cape was going to blow out to sea like the SS Minnow.

  5. Norma Jean has become frightened of storms. When they start she wants to climb onto Mom's shoulder but NJ weighs 65 pounds. So Mom gives her a Calm pill, puts her in her crate and turns on special music for her. At first she complains but then she settles down.

  6. Pocket, it's time for you to stop reading

  7. Sorry you had such a rough night. We had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night that woke me and ghostwriter up, but it passed quickly and we went back to sleep. This morning the whole yard was flooded!

  8. Oh, Pocket. We are so sorry that storm stressed you so much. We have a lot of those big wind storms here with lots of rain and thunder and lightning, so we understand. They used to bother Phantom and Ciara a lot. Your Dad is a pretty special guy to stay up with you. Give him a big sloppy kiss from us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Scary!!! We don't like the wind. It makes the house make creepy noises. Hope your dad got some sleep after keeping you awake all night...BOL!