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River and the Blizzard

I have already written about my hatred of snow, but last Thursday the snow struck back.

Daddy got up first and took Pocket outside to pee.  I have no problem admitting that Pocket handles the snow better than I do, despite being less than half my size.  She was raised by Foley who refused to fear anything, including the weather.  If Pocket declined to go outside because of snow Foley would laugh at her the rest of the day.  
Pocket is kinder than Foley and knows if she laughs at me I will use my size advantage to quiet her quickly.  So I have no sibling pressure to go outside in the terrible weather.

Pocket will also pee anywhere, and when she went out the back porch door, she smartly peed on the landing and hurried back inside.  Daddy brought Pocket back inside and told Mommy he thought I should use the pee pads in the hallway but Mommy said he should try to take me outside, because I tend to take massive morning pees that cover half the pad, without realizing there was 50 MPH winds and snow falling two inches an hour.  Daddy knows enough not to argue with Mommy, so he took me outside.

When we got on the porch, I could already feel the cold sinking into my bones.  Daddy tried to open the front door, but the wind caught it and pushed us backward. He took me out the back door on to the landing where Pocket peed, and I just looked at him with my “Bitch, are you for real?” look.  Daddy quickly brought me back inside and told Mommy I wasn’t going outside.  She was not happy but knew when to relent.

After we ate breakfast, Daddy went outside with the new snowblower to try and keep ahead of the storm.  He started it, pushed it ten feet, and it died never to start again.  How could my Mom think I could survive in a storm that kills new machinery?

Since this was the first time Daddy used the snow thrower he called the company to inquire why it didn’t work.  The woman who answered the phone asked him what the weather was like and he said it was cold and snowing.  “The machine does not work well in those conditions,” she told him.  Typical of Daddy, he bought a snow remover that only works when it is 60 degrees and dry.  The woman said they would send him a new one so he will be covered for those summertime snows.

Daddy tried to shovel but whenever he cleaned an area the wind and snow covered it again.  He came inside and called someone he found online to plow, but it wouldn’t be to the next day.  We all hunkered down inside as the storm dumped 17 inches of snow on my tiny homes.

The next day Daddy called Plow Man but did not get an answer.  Much to Mommy’s chagrin he decided he could shovel, and had made good progress when Plow Man called to say he as on his way.  Daddy insisted he could finish, but Mommy said she would rather he didn’t die in the driveway.  She would then have to pay Plow Man and the Undertaker man.

Plow Man showed up and asked for $60.00 to clear our small driveway.  Once he was paid, he made one pass with the plow leaving barely enough room to open the car doors and took off into the frigid air.  Daddy had to go back out with the shovel and widen the driveway so he could get out.

As for me, when the sun was up, I would pee outside, even when the temperature dipped below the zero mark, but once it became dark, I had no intention of stepping into the cold and dark.  I anticipated when our pee time was and hurried to the pads to urinate before I was asked to go outside.  On Monday the weather warmed, and Daddy shoveled a spot on the grass, and I began to cooperate in peeing outside again.  

But it is early in the season, and I am sure the battle of the pee pads will continue through the season.


  1. Glad you are prepared for those summer blizzards. You should keep your snow in the mountains like we do.

  2. So you AND the snow blower don't work in cold temps...bwahaahaa!

  3. Not wind, nor cold, nor dark of night shall stop me from venturing outside for a pee.

  4. How silly is that - a snow blower that doesn't work in the snow and cold??? We got freezing rain and then ice today. All the schools were closed and the roads were terrible. BUT we had a blast racing around in the cold in our yard:)

    Hope it warms up there for you, River.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. BOL! OMD, a snow blower that doesn't work in the snow and cold ~ BRILLIANT! You poor puppers ~ we don't gets the snow here, butts I don't likes peein' if my feets have to get wet....I walk on it like it's HOT! hehehee
    Unfortunately, there are no pee pads big enough for me. nuts.
    Ruby ♥

  6. We have not had much snow but a lot of wind today. So we pee fast and get back in the house
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. I'm like you and the snow blower... siberian temperatures disturb my inner systems...bring on the summer mother nature...

  8. Maybe you need to try using a litter box, it would be indoors and warm!

  9. That cold and snow sounds horrendous! I have never known weather like that but sure I would not like it being a small dog myself. Hope the weather gets better for you and your peeps. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  10. Oh River, I don't blame you one little bit. I would hate to have to go potty outside in that weather. We may be getting some snow here tomorrow, so we'll see how Xena likes it. I'm making her some warm jammies, so maybe I should make her some warm booties to match!


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