Friday, January 12, 2018

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The Power of One

Authors have many reasons for writing blogs.  When I was a mortal dog, and I was writing about my daily life my goal was to entertain as many souls as possible.  My sisters have stolen my idea and have tried to make a name for themselves following in my paw prints.  I allow them to do so knowing no matter how much success they may achieve they will never be as notable as the paw that made the original mark.

When you become immortal many of the issues that troubled you on the mortal side melt away.  Like all bloggers, I would sneak a peek at how many “hits” I achieved from my last post.  I measured my success by the number of comments I received.  But now there is only a single number I care about:  One.

On Sunday I wrote about Ginger Lynn. I imagined my regular readers would bypass the blog because they did not know the subject.  That was fine.  All I wanted was for Ginger’s dad to read it and be helped.

I didn’t write about Ginger because I thought it was a good story, or world bring me notice, or be entertaining.  I wrote about her for the most underrated reason of all.  Because it was kind.

Kindness seems to be in low supply on the mortal side.  As I watch over the world, I see cruelty, insensitivity, selfishness, immaturity, and hate growing throughout the land.  Social media, which should be an incredibly useful tool to help us understand one another, is where these negative behaviors thrive.  People worry that technology will someday bring them hell on Earth.  When I check Twitter, I wonder if it has already taken hold.

We dogs are born happy, loving and loyal and stay that way unless a human changes us.  I wonder if humans are born the same way or with the negative emotions ruling.  I think the latter might be true given how much of it I see bubbling up during trying times.

I am asking humans, during these dark and volatile times, to make an effort to be kind and if you aren’t make amends.  If you strive to do that with one person a day, the mortal world will be more livable.

I understand I may be barking to the choir.  It has been my experience that dog owners are kinder than non-dog owners.  Every dog teaches their parents to put love and devotion above all else.  It is stupefying to me that there are so many dogs without homes since we have such a positive effect on humans.

There is nothing more valuable than showing kindness.  The reward for doing so will bring you enough joy to push those bad emotions away.

And will bring you close to the perfect zen that is dog.


  1. You are wonderfully kind to bring comfort to so many - one at a time.
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. The Dalai Lama says, "be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

  3. We think dogs and their owners have a kindness gene

  4. Thanks Foley. Your kindness is inspirational. Becky


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