Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pocket and the Midnight Poop

I am a dog of habit.  I need everything to be done on schedule.  If there is any change, it disrupts my delicate system.

My poop timetable is very important.  There is the morning poop which takes place when I first get up, and my midnight poop which occurs on my last trip outside.  I do reserve the right for a midday poop which may take place on a walk or at any point I want to cut it loose.

Daddy is in charge of poops.  Mommy puts it in; Daddy takes it out.  There isn’t much work to the morning poop.  If it is cold or wet, I will gladly do the morning poop on the pads.  But the midnight poop must be done outside and be precluded by a walk.

If this does not happen then the next morning, I will refuse to eat, and before I relent, I will leave a poop worthy of a Jackson Pollock painting either indoors or out, my choice, which will scare my parents into a poop studying frenzy for the next week.

In the last ten days, my Daddy and I have faced several difficult challenges to achieve the midnight poop.  There have been several days of bitter cold.  I do not like wearing jackets despite the chill.  You never see a cat in a coat.  Or, sure, sometimes you see a feral kitty in a leather jacket smoking a cigarette around the burnout tree, but domesticated cats who go outside to do their business never wear jackets.  I won’t be a bigger pussy than a cat!

It usually takes me between seven and ten driveways to poop.  For some reason the colder it is, the more steps I require.  I also like pooping in peoples’ driveways.  It is a way for me to be rebellious, and no one notices.  We live in a 55 and older community.  At midnight the regular residents have been asleep five hours.  My parents could do Swan Lake in the nude, and thankfully no one would bear witness.

My Dad insisted I wear a jacket when he took me out for my midnight poop in the blizzard.  The snow was falling sideways, the wind almost turned me into a kite, and I was up to my knees in snow, but I still took my poop.

A few days later a colossal rainstorm took away the snow.  Mommy suggested we not venture into the storm, but Daddy insisted I would get an upset tummy without my midnight poop.  We both got soaked, but the mission was accomplished.

The next night was close to zero with a bitter wind.  When Daddy took us out at 10:00 PM, I pooped.  Daddy said, “Pocket took her midnight poop early.”  

That foolish man.  The next morning we were snuggled in bed together.  He put his hand on my tummy to give me a rub and felt the mariachi band playing in my belly.  He took me out to poop right away, which I did with no distress but when I came inside, I refused my treat and breakfast.  The silly man he had a to pay the piper for ignoring the midnight poop.

I had a treat before super, and expelled the Jackson Pollock poop, looked at my Dad, said “There’s your midnight poop,” and then ate supper.  I hoped he learned his lesson that a 10:00 poop is not a midnight poop.

Really, after ten years you would think he would be trained.


  1. Jackson Pollock poop...we are rolling on the floor as your dad hopefully learns a lesson

  2. If I, Mackey, don't get my 10 PM poop, I wake Mom at 3AM and she either takes me out or wakes Dad to take me out. By then all the other dogs are awake and waiting at the door. Peeps never seem to learn.

  3. Daddy might need to set an alarm to remind him when that midnight poop call rolls around:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. I have a hard time understanding this thing many doggies call a schedule. There is no schedule at my house, especially since Dad has retired. Maybe I should look into this, and give him something to do.

  5. TeeHeeHee...We know a certain Lhasa Angel who was very much the same way(Bilbo)!

    It's always smart to stick to scheduled poop times, no matter what!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  6. BOL BOL! I are a real good pooper - da udder pups could learn to be as good as me.

  7. If your Daddy has a smart phone maybe he could find an iPoop app!

  8. BOL!! OMD, Pocket you are too funny! Yes, your peeps should knows by now abouts YOUR schedule, and that 10 is NOT 12. Retraining is in order fursure. I can poop anywhere anytime, butts ALWAYS makes a poopie on my walkie. I loves watchin' Ma try and open the poopie bags.
    Ruby ♥

  9. da midnight poop is a ritual here too, butt to make it interesting I often refuse to do my business and I surprise the mama with 2am-poops ;O)))

  10. I usually do a morning poop and an after dinner poop and sometimes one in between. Mom always worries if I don't do my after dinner poop after dinner. She doesn't like it if I get off schedule. Hazel poops little poops several times a day whenever she feels like it.
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. Oh my goodness, you had me guffawing. It is amazing how much we humans study our dogs' poops! Similar analysis happens around here. And then our dogs sometimes decide to break all the schedules... and we don't know what to do!

  12. OMD that was so funny :-)) Peeps always like to know we have pooped before bedtime but, if anyone forgets to go they will wake everyone up until they get taken into the garden to go. Luckily it doesn't happen very often and even less if the weather is bad! Nose licks and love from Moth xx


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