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Monday Question

Who is your favorite dog friend who is not on social media?

Pocket:  I don't like other dogs very much.  I tend to bark at them and chase them away.  I would say it is my cousin dogs Neely who comes to see us twice a year

River Song:  Suede, our groomer's dog.  When we both lived in Florida we had relations and I had a litter.  A girl doesn't forget her first, especially when it was her only.  (That's my story and I am sticking to it)


  1. Misty: we are our own little clique and don't like other dogs who might get attention.

  2. Misty is going to answer this one - RUBY!!!! Her cousin. They are both about the same age, less than a month apart, and they get to play together often. That last pic of Misty with her head tilted was her response to Mom when she asked her if she wanted to go see Ruby:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. That would be my cousin Angus, who rode in an airplane all the way from the UK when his humans moved to North Carolina. I try to get him to give me a few pictures for the Daily Bone once in a while.

  4. I like 'Samson' Airedale. We walk with him once a week and go to his house for dinner sometimes. He is really nice and he tolerates my little sister...BOL!
    ♥ Wyatt

  5. Nope, I am like Pocket. Don't really likes other doggies much. All the training in the world didn't help. So I just likes peeps. They have food. I do have lots of doggies on my walkies I likes to bark at/with. My fav is the black Lab on the corner...he can REALLY jump! we bark every walkie at each other...sometimes I gets him in troubles...heeheheee
    Ruby ♥

  6. whiskey the yorkshire terrier... his dad is too busy to join social medias (he works at the tax office ewww)

  7. We don't have any doggies here but I really loved the ones who used to be here and are moved to the Rainbow Bridge years ago. I used to sleep in their tails.

  8. I love it when my cousin Willow comes over to play. She is a mini schnauzer, we are the same age and boy do we love to chase and wrestle with each other


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