Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Picnic Adventure with Angel Loey

The Triple T’s Mom Aunt Linda asked me to write about some of the adventures we angels have at Rainbow Bridge.  I am happy to accommodate her.  Since Aunt Linda asked I feel it is proper to write about an adventure, I undertook with Aunt Linda’s Angel Lovey.

One day Lovey came to me with the idea of going on a beautiful picnic on top of a waterfall that fed the river.  It was dangerous getting there, but Lovey was sure we could do it.  We needed a couple of stronger dogs to help us with the climb, so we invited Reyah and Pintus.  Lovey, who is an excellent cook, said that she would make the food.  The next morning the four of us took off on our adventure.

We reached the base of the waterfall.  Pintus had promised there was a balloon that would take us to the top of the cliff, but while we were walking, we saw it floating away.  A squirrel had chewed through the line.  Darn those squirrels.  They are impossible to deal with even in the afterlife.  Reyah looked at the vertical climb to the top and said she was sure we could do it.  Pintus agreed.  Lovey and I were made for beauty, not climbing, but we didn’t want to say no.

Reyah and Pintus took off up the steep hill.  Lovey grabbed the picnic basket in her mouth and began to climb slowly but she was struggling so I said I would take the weight.  I bit down on the handle, and we got halfway up when I stepped on a briar and opened my mouth to say “Ow!”  The basket fell all the way down to the river.

Dejectedly, a half hour after we began our ascent, Lovey and I reached the cliff at the top of the waterfall.  We thought Pintus and Reyah would be disappointed, but we found they prepared two wooden bins filled with warm, soapy water where we could take a bath and get all the mud off.  We pampered lap dogs happily took our baths.

While we were soaking in the baths, Pintus and Reyah went foraging and came back with apples, watermelons, lots of nuts, and some fresh salmon they caught n the river.  Pintus lit a fire, and when we got out of our baths and dried off in the sun, we enjoyed the picnic.  Because of Pintus and Reyah, the day was saved  

We laid on the ground next to one another for a post-picnic nap.  I put my head on Lovey’s belly.  She was so soft, and the water that Pintus and Reyah got for us was scented with strawberry, so she smelled lovely.  When we awoke some chipmunks came out of the forest, and they dashed in front of us.  We gave them a rousing chase laughing the whole time.

The sun was setting, and it was time for us to get back down.  I wasn’t looking forward to the steep climb down, but Pintus said it would be fun if we jumped.  I was reluctant, but Reyah insisted.  What could go wrong?  We were immortal.  Lovey and I were still scared, but we grabbed paws and jumped off the waterfall like Thelma and Louise.  It was exhilarating, and we happily splashed in the water.  Reyah and Pintus followed.

 Lovey and I said we wanted to do it again but didn’t want to climb.  Reyah and Pintus said they would carry us so we got a ride up the hill and we kept jumping in until it was dark and a sweet Paco came to look for us and lead us home.

We do miss our humans at the Bridge, but we have lots of friends here at our Doggy Space, we take care of one another and make sure we never get lonely.  

We are all each other’s angels.


  1. We are so glad that you can have earth type adventures at the RB

  2. That was an amazing time and most deserved for all.

  3. Beautiful adventures fir our wonderful furbaby Angels ... when i close my eyes , I can see my Meeka and Mewi-meow together again