Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Hunting the Dream Monster with 12, Brooklyn and Teddy

I had become worried about my Mommy.  There was nothing physically wrong with her, but I had not been able to visit her dreams.  There was something blocking access to them that scared me. I needed some friends to help, so I picked 12 for his size, Brooklyn for her speed, and Teddy Bond for his cunning.

That night we flew into the sun and entered the beam that contained her dreams.  12, being the strongest, led the way, after pledging to knock down whatever barred entry.  Suddenly it was like we had hit a wall, and we were flung back, tumbling out of the beam and back to the Bridge.

“What was it?” I asked 12.

“I am not sure,” he said carefully choosing his words.  “It was much bigger and stronger than me. It pushed us away with just a slap.  I think it was a dream monster.”
That made sense.  A dream monster was causing my Mommy to have nightmares and interfering with her sleep.  We needed to make it go away.

Teddy went to his laboratory and came back with a stink bomb that he promised would make the monster flee.  The next time we flew into her dreams, Teddy went first. We stopped outside the sunbeam, and he tossed the bomb inside.  It was swatted back out unexploded and then went off all over us. We had to spend the rest of the day in the river washing away the stench.  Teddy said he was sorry and I told him how grateful I was that he tried.

The next day Brooklyn proposed to use her agility to get past the monster.  When we arrived she ran right through his legs. We got our first look at the beast.  He was green, with horns, and sharp teeth. His belly was round, his butt thin, and he wore cut off jeans.  He roared as he reached for Brooklyn then blocked her with a thick leg and threw her, and us, out of the dream beam.

We decided to attack the beast as one, using 12’s size, Brooklyn’s speed, Teddy’s cunning, and whatever unidentifiable quality I brought to the endeavor.   We flew in a tight cluster and burst from the beam into Mommy’s dreams. 12 hit the beast in the belly. Teddy blinded him with a special potion. Brooklyn ran around his legs tying them up, and then we knocked him down.

Now it was time for me to use my skill:  Talking.

“What are you doing in my Mommy’s dreams?” I demanded.  “Why are you tormenting her?”

The monster looked at me and then began to cry.  “She seems like a nice lady, and I was lonely,” he said.  “No one wants to play with me because I am big and ugly so I decided to hide in her dreams.  I didn’t mean to scare her.”

I felt bad for the beast.  He was right, even though he was kind, I understood why he scared my Mommy.  I convinced him to fly back to the Bridge with us where he would meet the most understanding souls on either side of the river.

And that is how the dream monster became a dog and a member of Doggyspace.  We named him Frankie, and he is very happy playing with his new doggy friends.  We all love him, despite his looks and fearsome face because loving unconditionally is what we do.

Most importantly, once again, my Mommy is having sweet dreams.


  1. Just goes to show you that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover:) That monster was really just a lonesome soul in need of some love.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. That's funny because last night while ghostwriter was working at the nursing home, right at 10:30pm several of the little old people woke up suddenly and tried to climb out of their beds. One lady said she was very scared about something, but didn't know what. Maybe that monster accidentally got into their dreams too! It took until after midnight to get them all calmed down and back to sleep. We really hope the monster finds some friends, but doesn't scare the little old people again.

    Hope you have a nice Easter!

  3. It's good that it all worked out, finally!