Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pocket Gets Caught Up on Her Pee Mail

Warm weather has finally arrived in our little corner of the world.  We had a glorious garden day on Monday. All the flower beds have been cleaned and new buds are coming up every day.  The grass is green, thick, and tickles our paws. St. Anthony is out of the shed and back watching over our blossoms.

We are enjoying the longer walks spring brings. We bark a loud hello to all our elderly neighbors who love to joke with us by saying “Oh God, not those two, loud little dogs again.”  Longer walks mean going to areas we have not explored in months and getting caught up on pee-mail we have missed. Mr. Lancaster has been sneaking in Mrs. Smithers while his wife is at work, according to his dog Pepper.  That Mr. Lancaster is a scamp.

Here are some of the updates I left for my friends via my pee-mail.

The warmer weather has allowed my parents to turn on their new HVAC unit.  Three years ago they had another new unit installed with a five-year warranty.  After two years it no longer worked. The installer would not honor the warranty, my parents had to sue, we went through the entire summer with only two window units, until October when my parents won their court case and had a different contractor put in a new unit.  It ran for a day and froze up on Friday.

This was a very frustrating day for my parents.  My Dad called the new installer who said he could not look at the new unit for a week.  My Dad went to print out the warranty off the computer and the printer would not work. He had opened the porch windows and the front door to get air in the house.  We went out on the porch to bark at old people. Our Mommy told us to come in the house and she slammed the door shut. Daddy said he had it open to let the aforementioned air in the house.  Mommy went to open it and the door wouldn’t budge. With everything else that had happened my parents thought it was par for the course that the door was stuck. Daddy went out the back, came around the house and tried to shove open the door but it wouldn’t budge. 

 He stood back to run into the door and knock it down. That is when Mommy realized that when she has shut it the deadbolt had moved and locked. She turned it, opened the door, and Daddy stumbled over the threshold and fell into the house. My parents are so funny.  

I do miss the cold air at bedtime.  My snuggle spot is at Daddy’s waist.  I curl up in a ball. He puts a hand on me and we fall into a blissful sleep.  But now I get hot under there quickly and end up sleeping on top of the covers. Such are the sacrifices we make for good garden days.

One day last week Dad had what is called a colonoscopy.  He spent lots of time in the bathroom. I didn’t mind during the day but he got out of bed at night and was in the bathroom for an hour.  It was not only rude because I could not snuggle with him, and River was hogging mom, but there were a lot of loud, unpleasant noises coming out of the bathroom.  It kept me awake. He really should have used the front bathroom. He finally got in bed and I snuggled with him but every hour he would get out of bed and go to the bathroom again.  I found the entire procedure very disturbing. I asked Mommy why he was doing it and she said it was because they were going to stick something up his rectum and I thought “wrecked him it will probably kill him.”  (Bazinga.)

That is my pee report for the week.   Happy sniffing everyone.


  1. may grampy had such an appointment too and the mama was there to support him one day before is a challenge to drink this brew they give you in big bags and the aftereffects are beyond belief... but fortunately he got no bad news from the dogtor so all the effort and the 87 embarrassing moments were worth it...

  2. That is some peeMail summary and I'm sure hoping your cool air returns soon.

  3. That's some major news report! (Ghostwriter says that stuff they make you drink the night before a colonoscopy was concocted by the Devil himself! Blah!)

  4. Oh dear. We hope you can get the a/c issues straightened soon. We would not be happy without our cool air. Hope Dad’s test went well.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. So frustrating when new things go bad. Hope the A/C is fixed now. Both our pawrents have done the colonoscopy thing and yes it is very unpleasant for us
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. Whew...your pawrents sound like a handful...luckily they have such patient and loving pups!

    We sure hope you have cool air again soon!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  7. Hi Pocket. It sounds like you have gremlins in your house, making everything break.
    I am willing to bet your Dad doesn't know you told us all about his wrecked him, te, he.

  8. OMD, you guys never have a dull moment, do you??! Your peeps sound like my Ma....the best laid plans.
    I hopes you gets cool aire is NO funs not havin' AC in the summer. Gives your Pops a big kiss from me...that couldn't have been funs! ☺
    Ruby ♥