Sunday, May 20, 2018

Scooter is our May 20 2018 Pup of the Week

Life is often cruel.  Even after nearly five years at Rainbow Bridge, I don’t understand why terrible things happen to wonderful people.  No one on either side of the River of Life does. There are theories: The aggrieved party is being tested. There will be a greater reward for them someday.  I wish I knew if this was true. I just know senseless things continue to happen to people who deserve only the best.

I have been friends with the Min-Pin Gang for as long as I can remember.  Crickette Anne joined me at Rainbow Bridge in October 2014. She has been a prayer leader for her sister Mouse who has has been battling illnesses for months.   Little did any of us know we should have been praying for her brother Scooter.

Two weeks ago, in the midst of Mouse’s health issues, and their mom, Aunt Betty, being at the end of her emotional rope, Scooter began to experience throat reflex, gagging, and was licking the floor.  Scooter had been his mom’s rock during Mouse’s crises. Now his crises were more critical than his sister’s.

I admit I did not think Scooter’s condition was serious.  Pocket had acted the same way when her tummy was upset, as did I when I had a trachea incident.  I thought it would pass, and Aunt Betty hoped it would pass, but it didn’t, and Scooter had to go the vet.

X-rays looked good, and the vet hoped it was a passing incident, but Scooter kept licking and hacking, then he ate a piece of carpet.  He had to be taken back to the vet. The carpet was obstructing his digestion and needed to be surgically removed. The vet thought the surgery was successful and said Scooter could go home the next day, but he passed away that night
Both Crickette Anne and I were shocked to see Scooter walking over the Bridge then climbing the stairs to induction ledge.  We could tell the mortals were shocked too because of the number of tears that fell on us. Crickette Anne hugged her little brother; I gave him his angel vows, Ladybug fit him for his wings, Paco and Leo signed him up for dream classes so he could see his mom then Crickette showed them their home.

Most of us know what caused us to go to the Bridge.  But Scooter was as baffled as everyone else. He knew he wasn’t feeling well, and having anything in his belly made it feel better, but the question will eternally remain why.  There is no way for us angels to know, and when parents lose a heart dog, knowing why doesn’t help. Nothing will ease Aunt Betty’s sorrow.

The only thing that life promises is that it will never be fair.  Everyone deals with unfair episodes in their lives, but Aunt Betty has been put through more than her share.  She is mourning the sudden passing of her healthy dog while still dealing with the emotions and expenses of her sick dog.  People have been praying very hard for Mouse since the start of her illness, but now, with Scooter gone, we need to double our efforts.

Humans bare their bad luck.  They really are a remarkable and resilient species.  I watch them after they lose their pups, and I don’t think it is possible for them to go on.  But they do. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, through more misfortune than imaginable, humans keep going forward.

If you are one of the lucky people, who is experiencing a run of good fortune maybe you could spare some coins for Aunt Betty who has been swamped by vet bills during her crises.  There is a Go Fund Me page here  and if you can’t we understand.
So many people are facing so much misfortune, but I know you will survive.

You are humans, and that is what you do.


  1. Humans have remarkable resiliency.

  2. it's like a miracle that we can go on although we think we are lost forever after we lose a furfriend

  3. That was such an unexpected sad.

  4. Poor pups! We'll be keeping them in our prayers.

  5. It is never easy but when you lose them unexpectedly - well we know the heartache all too well. Sending the family pug prayers
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. I would like to help aunt Betty but I don't do go fund me. Does she have a PayPal account out maybe you can send me her address? Thanks! You can message me on the brigade. Our prayers for aunt Betty!