Friday, July 13, 2018

Foley and Heart Memories

It was my good friend Odie’s Bridge Anniversary last week.  Bridge Anniversaries are sad occasions, marking the last time our parents got to look in our eyes, to touch us, to tell us that they love us.  We Angels work very hard to make sure the pup who has the anniversary does not get sad. We arranged for Odie to go on a boat ride down the river and every time the boat came around a  bend a scene of Odie and his parents from his mortal life was playing on a screen. I do believe we kept him happy despite the sad day.

The Angels do have it easier than our parents.  We can slip into their dreams and snuggle with them, to feel their body heat, to even touch their warm skin.  We can smell them and taste them. It is bliss to be back with them, but also frustrating because our parents believe they are dreaming and when they awaken they may remember a nonsensical snippet of the dream, but most of it is gone.

Our parents don’t remember how some nights we sit with them while they tell us all their problems and, to their surprise, we converse with them, giving them the best advice, which they usually follow to their advantage.  Angels never give bad advice.
As we meandered our way down the river, Odie wondered what happens to those memories our parents have of dream dates.  The memories are still there, but can’t be accessed.

“I think it is like a computer,” Odie said.  “When we are visiting with our parents, they are retaining all these memories but when they awaken the thoughts are erased.”

“But they must go somewhere,” I said.

Scooby was eating a big piece of cake.  He licked the frosting off his mouth. “When you erase something on a computer it doesn’t go away, it stays on the hard drive but can’t be accessed by the memory.”

“Where is the human hard drive?” I asked

Odie smiled.  “It’s the heart,” he said.  “All the memories that get overwritten in a human mind go to the heart, where the brain can’t remember them, but the heart can.

And that is what helps the humans get through the most difficult times. The memories that are kept in their heart. The unexplained feeling of strength or comfort that rises inside of them.  That is caused by the heart memories.”

I knew Odie was right.  It explained everything.  Our dream dates are not forgotten, they just go into the human heart, where they are most needed, because those memories help heal broken hearts, and they spark unexplained feelings of calm or happiness even in the hardest moments. 

So, dear parents, do not feel bad that you cannot remember the dream dates.  You do, but you remember them with the heart and not the mind, so, instead of it being a memory, it is a feeling, which can be even more comforting than things you remember with your brain.

And someday, when we are all together, your heart memories will join your brain memories and a huge feeling of peace will overcome as you cross the Bridge to your immortal life.

Until then, dear humans, heed my advice listen to your heart more than your head because that is where all the truly important memories are kept.


  1. Such wonderful advice...we will make sure our Mama listens very carefully to her heart for her precious memories of Dory and Bilbo!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  2. We love thinking that the human hard drive is the heart. Our humans hearts are ver full of loving memories, but it fortunately has an infinite number of memorybytes:) - always room for more.

    Love your post today.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Thanks for the reminder that our hearts are important.

  4. Foley, that is the truest thing we have ever read!!

  5. That really does explain it wonderfully!

  6. We loved this post
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. That was a comforting explanation. July is a sad month for us since we lost Miss Ginger in July 2010, and Joey dog in July 2016. We never forget our angels!