Thursday, July 26, 2018

River Talks with the Resurrected Butterfly Bush

I am happy to report after a perilous spring the butterfly bush is blooming and attracting lots of butterfly angels who fill our lives with beauty and love.

It took a lot of tender loving care from my mom, a good trim, and some of my special puppy growth urine for the bush to thrive.

When I was peeing the bush back to its former glory, I sparked a friendship with my green friend.  Last week, after he had begun to bud again, I heard a voice in my head, much sweeter than the usual voices that reside there.  “Hello River,” it said.

I looked around.  “Hello?” I barked.

“Don’t bark out loud,” the voice said.  “No one can hear me and dogs who bark to themselves have to attend special classes.  I just wanted to thank you for your efforts to return me to proper health.”

I looked up at the bush.  “Is that you?” I barked.

“Yes,” it said impatiently.  “Now, stop barking out loud, just think what you want to say to me.”
“You mean you can read my mind?” I thought.

“Yes, you dirty little dog.  But you are not as weird as that strangelYorkie you pal around with.  Now listen, I thought I was a goner during the winter. I was cold, alone, buried in snow.  I could feel myself bending further and further to the ground. Some of my branches broke off; it was a grim existence.”

I didn’t know what to think, and I was trying to keep my mind clear from thoughts I did not want to share.  I gave the bush a lick of kindness.

“When the snow melted, and I was all bent, hanging over the driveway, I was sure your parents were going to cut me down to nothing.  I heard you thinking that I should be given a chance, and I could read your parents seeing the thoughts in your eyes and agreeing to give me a chance.”

“Can you read my parents thoughts?” I asked.

“Oh sister, you don’t even want to go there.  That is one dark, scary place. Just think of them as the kind, loving people they are and don’t wonder what goes on behind the curtain.  But luckily, in the midst of all their twisty thoughts, they decided to cut me back, water me regularly, and give me lots of love. When the sun got high, and the days warmer, I could feel myself become stronger and then one day I felt bursts of energy running down my branches and viola, I had buds.”

I told the bush that I was very happy it recovered and brought pretty butterfly angels to the yard. 

 Butterfly angels are good luck, and we can always use that. Then I asked how much my special pee helped him recover.

“Oh, about that,” the bush said.  “I would appreciate it if you would stop pissing on me.  It doesn’t help and tastes terrible. But outside of that, I thank you very much, and if you ever need shelter from the rain, you just stand under me.  Just make sure you don’t tell anyone, people think dogs who communicate with bushes are barking crazy.”

But I had to share the story of the saved butterfly bushes with all of you and give you the message to never give up even when they think you are barking crazy


  1. not sure if I ever can cut my butterfly bush... what if it suddenly screams: ouch! ... think I would run over all hills ...with the scissors...;o)))))

  2. We once had a lovely full purple butterfly bush...then mean old Hurrycane Fran came all they way inland (150 miles) to our city and she blew a tree over on our butterfly bush.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Boy, it wasn't beating around the bush with that message was it?

  4. So should we pee on our bushes or not? We need a definitive answer.

  5. We have three beautiful bushes, and so far we have not been able to get close enough to them to talk or pee........we will try to sneak out and about this weekend. mags and gus

  6. Gee, there's a lavender bush right next to the back door that I "water" regularly through the winter. But I've never heard it talking to me. I guess I'd better be more careful. I hope your butterfly bush keeps growing strong now.

  7. BOL - that is quite the unique butterfly bush you have there. We are sorry he doesn't appreciate your watering assistance:) Does he talk to the rabbits and squirrels too?

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. It was nice the bush appreciated your efforts anyway
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. We has lotsa butterfly bushes here!

  10. We are so very happy the butterfly bush is alive, well and letting you know how it's doing...Now, I must go talk to Arty about barking to himself...