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Ask Uncle Enzo Is Back ( A Message From Angel Foley Monster)

I have been negligent in not posting any Ask Aunt Foley blog recently. I know you have many questions about the dog world and about human behavior. I have contracted my wise and dear mountain dog friend Uncle Enzo to succeed me in answering your questions. Please do me the largest of favors and check out Uncle Enzo's blog here


  1. Thank You Aunt Foley! I promise to do right by your column and answer every question to the best of my golden ability. I am honored to be chosen for the job even though I have big "little " paws to fill! Uncle Enzo The Guru of the Mountain

  2. I don't have any dog questions but I went over and dropped of a howdy to that handsome Uncle.

  3. We are off to visit Uncle Enzo!
    Hazel & Mabel


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