Sunday, October 6, 2019

Angel Arrives at Rainbow Bridge by Judge Foley Monster

Traditionally, angels have been depicted in all-white garments. They may have different colored faces, but they are always wearing white robes. It probably had to do with the influence the white robe lobbyists had in biblical times. Truthfully, angels wear the same comfortable clothes we wore on the mortal side. There is no angel uniform, even on the most important occasions. But this week, I met a true angel in all white.  

Coincidentally her name is Angel. She is a cute little white bulldog.  I enjoyed visiting her and her pack, including her brother Prince who is as dark as she is white, on dream dates. I enjoyed their stubby legs, their snorting breaths, and how they would play with sister Gabriella's big ball, trying to use their short legs to mount it. 

Mama Jeanne has enjoyed watching pups play for her entire life. She always has a pack of fun-loving dogs that keep her smiling. Sadly large packs lead to heartbreak when inevitably the members make their journey to the other side. But Mama Jeanne never gets discouraged.  She recently adopted a six-year-old bulldog named Mickie. She knows they won't be together as long as she was with Angel, but she will love him none the less.

As beautiful as bulldogs are, they have their drawbacks.  Their short snouts and broad chests cause breathing problems.  It can lead to heart issues, which creates a bull dog's number of heartbeats to dwindle rapidly.  

A heart issue is what sent Angel to the Bridge.  She was showing the all too familiar breathing, low energy, and lack of appetite signs that dogs experience as they approach their last few heartbeats.  Her mom took her to the vet who told Mama Jeanne she could either take Angel home where she would struggle during her last remaining days or she could stop her suffering 

Mama Jeanne made the difficult decision to take on all of Angel's pain and suffering.  She set her beloved baby-free at the Bridge leaving her heart shattered and the large part that was devoted to loving Angel hollow and vacant

If she were allowed to see what we angels are privileged to witness, her heart would have been instantly uplifted.  When an angel who has been suffering crosses the Bridge, they do so with great trepidation. They expect their steps to be painful and their breaths laborious just as they had been at the mortal side.  With each step, they realize all that they had been suffering from has dissipated. They are young again. 

There is a great joy for everyone when the new angel takes their first pain-free steps, their mouth opens, their tongues come out, huge smiles cross their faces, and they run without having to worry about pain or shortness of breath. 

One of the many advantages to being part of a large pack is that many siblings have blazed a path for you at the Bridge. Angel had spent so much time here on Dream Visits; she was able to assimilate to being an angel in minutes.  Soon she and Prince were trying to mount Gabriella's big ball again to the delight of the welcoming angels. 

We know Mama Jeanne has significantly suffered each time she has sent a pack member to the Bridge, but she should know, because of the way she cared for them, she has made perfect angels.

None more so than Angel. 



  1. Angel Angel sounds like a true Angel and so is her Mom.

  2. We think the Bulldogs' breathing and heart problems are so sad. They are such great little dogs.

  3. I bet Angel are gonna be a pawsome angel.