Friday, March 27, 2020

Bo and Terry For For a Walk

Bo lay in the sun, gently breathing.  He had been at the Bridge for almost ten years.  This was his preferred spot. He ventured into our society, to welcome friends when they arrived, and to spend time with Sandy, his more social brother, who joined him at the Bridge three years ago.  But, mostly, Bo lay in the sun, waiting.

Bo had two parents, Lea and Terry.  He was close to his dad. Terry greatly missed Bo when he went to the Bridge.  When he took ill, Bo left his sunny spot and flew prayers up the mountain for Terry to recover.  Bo knew his dad was quickly running out of heartbeats, but it was still his duty to make sure his mom and dad had as much time together as possible.

Bo was worried about his parents. He missed his dad with all his heart, but he did not want to be with him yet.  It is more traumatic for a human to pass over than a dog. It can take them a long time to recover. Since they live such long lives, and the careless way humans breed, they leave a more loved one behind than they have to wait for them.

Sunday was a beautiful day at the Bridge.  I appreciate the peacefulness more now than ever since the mortal world is in a state of constant turmoil.  Bo was lying in his sun puddle when he heard a familiar footfall coming towards him.

Bo looked up and saw a figure in the distance.  He stood and wagged his tail. The person approaching him looked younger than the man he knew, but the smell was the same.  Bo slowly walked towards the man, and when he was sure, ran to him and jumped up, putting his paws on the man’s chest. Bo’s tail wagged so quickly it almost lifted him off the ground.  The man bent down, and Bo gave him a long face bath.  

The man gave Bo a long scratch like he was touching something precious that had been long lost.  Bo felt a teardrop on his black fur. There is so much that can pass between a dog and his human without words.  Bo leaned into his dad and took a deep breath, satisfying a craving that had gone unsated for a decade. They were sedentary so long, Bo leaning on his dad, his dad’s hand on Bo’s chest, that they could have been mistaken for a statue.  

The man slowly stood.  He asked Bo if he wanted to for a walk.  Bo’s eyes filled with tears. But, before they began their journey together, Bo ran to his sleeping place and came back with a collar and leash.  His dad thought it was strange, because there was nothing to fear now, and no reason for them to be tethered together, but Bo wanted to feel that reassuring tug on his neck, something that said: “you are not alone, I am with you now.”  The man went down on one knee and slipped the collar over Bo’s head.

They walked towards the sunset together, moving as one, enjoying finally having time together.  After a mile, Sandy joined them, racing around and barking. When they rested, they would wait for that day that they would all be together, and pray the day is far off.


  1. Sad but sweet, together again is wonderful.

  2. Love how the leash and collar was a way for them to feel connected!!

  3. Rest in Peace, Terry.
    Lea must feel a bit better, knowing that Bo was there to great you.

  4. Very sad and very dear. And just the way our dear family member pets would feel I am sure. I count on it.

  5. My husband's friend once said:
    Losing a pet is so very hard...but a pet losing a caregiver is worse, they don't understand what happened to their person.]

  6. That is a lovely story, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Kiki and Rosie

  7. We're crying but this is so lovely! Thank you for sharing.

    Pinot and mom


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