Sunday, March 8, 2020

Trixie Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

I welcomed my sister from another mister Trixie to the Bridge this week.  Trixie and I are both incredibly cute Yorkshire Terriers, the kind of dogs who, when a human sees our pictures, they wish they had one.  Like me, Trixie is an advertisement for Yorkies, but neither of us accepted a dime in endorsement money. We believe we are a superior breed and are happy to spread the word for the betterment of all.

Trixie and I are sisters for more profound reasons than what is on the surface.  Both our moms contracted cancer, which left them very sick and scared. We stayed with them during their treatments, operations, and subsequent recovery, playing nurse, and being their best friend and loyal companion.  There is a special bond that is created when a dog nurses their parent back to health. Trixie and I, along with our moms, are blessed to have experienced that bond. 

Trixie and I had one other common trait:  The way we arrived at the Bridge. Both of us caught the terrible, horrible, terrifying, terrible cancer.  Mine came on slowly. I began panting a lot and didn’t want to take my walks. Then I started coughing, and a week later, I accepted the post of Rainbow Bridge Judge, and my suffering ended.  This week one of the dogs on the essential Yorkshire Terrier Council left with his parents to the land of Happily Ever After. I had to fill the seat and knew Trixie was tired and running out of heartbeats, so I offered it to her, and she gladly accepted.  I know she will do a fantastic job.

Sadly, like me, Trixie left behind two loving, devastated parents.  Who would have thought, when man and dogs were created, that something so small could hold so much love?  Her mom Tricia Ann called Trixie her heartstring and rock. Both her parents are heartbroken, and their eyes keep leaking tears. While Trixie joining the council will make life better for Yorkies everywhere, her parents have to deal with a new normal that does not include their sweet baby.  

Many dogs adore Trixie at the Bridge, who turned out in full force to greet the little dog when she crossed the River of Life, climbed the stairs to Doggyspace, and became an official angel.  I politely wait while an Angel is greeted by all those who want to welcome them. The sun traveled across the sky and began to sink before the line for Trixie finally dissipated.

Trixie was hurried into angel training taught by her parents’ pups, who preceded her.  She was visiting her mom and dad in their dreams, popping in for ghost visits and will, when the weather clears, borrow the bodies of winged creatures and fly down to see her parents, but for now, their grief is too strong to recognize the visits.  Like with all things grief, it takes a lot of travel down the road before healing, and the seeing angel’s signs will begin. 

`We hope they travel the road quickly.  Meanwhile, they should be comforted in knowing that Trixie is trying to reach them, and making essential decisions for Yorkies and dogs everywhere, bettering their lives. 

I know her parents feel cursed that she is gone, but we are blessed to have her.


  1. So sad to hear about Trixie! At the vet last Friday, we saw a family who obviously had lost a special pet. We were immediately reminded of the sadness of losing our angels Joey dog, Miss Ginger, and Old Charisma. That kind of hurt is never far below the surface.

  2. hugs and lots of power and pawsitive thoughts to trixie's pawrents...

  3. We know how tough it is for Trixie's parents and we send hugs and love to them both.

  4. It is so hard to lose our pets...our mom's friend has a yorkie and she knows how special they are.

    Kiki and Rosie

  5. Foley; we are very sorry to learn of your friend Trixie and send our sincerest sympathies to the family she leaves behind. ♥♥♥♥♥

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