Thursday, March 19, 2020

Despite all her efforts, Pocket can't stop being happy about the virus

My parents are home almost every day now.  They don't want to contract this nasty virus that has sent so many people to the Bridge and made a hundred times more sick.  It even made Eldris Alba ill. If something makes him sick, it will run over my Dad like he's a cockroach.

  I am watching my parents very closely.  I lick their hands to make sure they don't have a temperature, and if they are going to cough or sneeze, I jump on their faces to keep them from spraying their sickness on the other one.  It is okay if I get the virus. To a dog getting it is like us finding food on the floor. Once we get it, we don't give it to anyone.

We dogs have a confession.  While the world is suffering from a terrible pandemic, the economy is crashing, and people are panicking, I have to admit that things have been pretty, pretty good for dogs.  Our parents are home much more than usual. It is like we have been hit with a blizzard without having to trek through the snow. It is kind of awesome. 

Knowing that people are suffering while we are enjoying life has set up a terrible paradox for dogs.  We are supposed to serve people and make them happy. When they are unhappy or stressed out, we should be the same. It's just hard to be either of those when your human is always with you.

To be sympathetic to my parents, I tried to be upset as I snuggled on their laps all afternoon.  I think bad thoughts which will make me sad and nervous like them. But when I do, the comfort of the lap takes over, and I am content. Darn it!  I spent my whole life trying to relax and think good thoughts. Now that I want to do the opposite, I am stymied.  

 River does her best to make me as miserable as my parents.  She tells me that I am dumb, old, ugly, and not loved as much as her.  Bless her heart. She is trying her best, but it just doesn't stick. I have tried to help her by doing the same thing, but she nips me when I do.  I guess when you have a resting bitch face, it is easier to become unhappy. I respect that.

 Even Foley tries to help.   She comes into my dreams and tells me she has seen the future, and I am destined to die a horrible, hideous death. Usually, that would bother me for a week, but now I don't care. She's a good angel for trying. I hope you have one who will come in your dreams and hurl rapid-fire insults at you to make you sad.

Of course, our happiness will end quickly if one of our parents gets sick from the virus.  Maybe we are doing the right thing. We need to enjoy today because the Lord knows what tomorrow shall bring.
If you think about going out, don't do it, if not for you, your neighbors, or society at home, hunker down for the dogs.  We will show you our appreciation.


  1. Live for today, for tomorrow is not guaranteed!

  2. I hope you can keep your peeps healthy. I think you can.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your peeps. ♥

  3. We too are doing our best to keep the peeps spirits up. And how we love having them here ALL the time!!!

    All paws crossed for the world.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  4. Our peeps are retired and home all of the time, even more all of the time now. Keep everyone healthy and safe there!

  5. Isn't it great having the peeps at our beck and call? We get extra trips to the yard and extra treats and wonderful snuggly naps. We think a dog must have designed this virus to bring us together.

  6. Oh yes, I do loves havin' peeps around all the time! Butts, Ma still doesn't do what I wants her to me all the cookies I wants! sigh. This is disappointing. I will work on it, and hopefully by the time the stay-at-home is lifted, I will have her well trained. Keep the peeps safe!
    Ruby ♥

  7. humans should learn from us dogs to live in da moment... that's a good strategy for that times...

  8. Stress weakens the immune system, or so we're told. So keep laying in your peeps' laps, calm and happy, and that will help them, too. XOX Xena and Lucy

  9. Hang in there pups! Things will get better soon!

  10. We LOVE having mom home, though all the walks are getting to be too much! She can't go to the pool, so she make US help meet her exercise goals!

    Kiki and Rosie


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