Sunday, April 12, 2020

Little Girl Lost and Lucy Too

We get lots of requests from dogs who are lost.  We angels work together to get them home then we watch their joyful reunion with their parents.  This week we got a prayer request from a lost girl named Lucy, but this case had a twist.  

Lucy said she was on a walk exploring woods in Alabama and had gots separated from her nanny. It didn’t sound like Lucy had gone far, and we thought it would be an easy retrieval:  Then she told us the bad part. She had a little girl human with her. 

We dogs are rarely called to find missing humans.  There is a whole human-angel department for that. But, we recognized this was an urgent case, and we could not wait for a referral.  If someone was going to save this little girl and her dog, it had to be us.  
Evelyn Sides, who goes by the name Vadie, was walking with Lucy and her caretaker through the woods in Loachapoka, Alabama.  Lucy must have some mighty strong legs because somehow, she outpaced her adult and became lost.  

Lucy barked, and Vadie yelled for the nanny, but she didn’t answer.  That is why when you are hiring a nanny; you need to hire a Poppins. When they lose a kid, they just open their umbrella, do a grid search of the area and find the kid.   Vadie’s nana was no Poppins.

I flew down to meet with Lucy.  I asked her how long she had been lost, and Lucy told me that it had been more than a day.  Lucy and the girl had become separated when Vadie slipped down a small waterfall. The first night Lucy spent using her sniffer to find Vadie, and then snuggled with her for warmth.  Then they began to pray to the human angels, but they were overwhelmed with the virus. That left it up to the dogs.
When the frantic nanny returned to the home, she had to start the hardest conversation a caretaker can have:  The one where you tell a mother that you lost her four-year-old daughter in the woods because you couldn’t keep up with her.  That sparked hundreds of search and rescue workers, volunteers, and K9 unit officers, including helicopters, to search the area looking for the missing duo.  The forest was very overgrown and difficult to search. Some dog angel intervention was needed.  

We tried to help the search and rescue workers to find Vadie, but it was getting dark, and there was too much undergrowth.  We angels formed a protective circle around the pair to make sure no wild animals bothered them as they spent a second night in the woods.  The next morning, after we had visited the dreams of the rescue works, they found Vaide and Lucy huddled together.  

Despite being slightly dehydrated Vaide was fine, as was brave Lucy who never deserted her little charge.  By that night, everyone was safely inside, and the great Vaide’s adventure was over. 

We dogs were happy to step in to save a little girl while the human angels were otherwise occupied.  If we may share an idea: Make Lucy the nanny.
She didn’t lose Lucy, and she works for food.


  1. That's most wonderful and I'm glad everyone of you were able to help the homecoming!

  2. Wow, you Angels do amazing work. We are so happy that this story had such a good ending:)

    Happy Easter from all of us!

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  3. we love stories what end with a smile!!!

  4. An amazing story! And with a wonderfully happy ending, which we could all use these days.

  5. Sounds like an Easter miracle. And we are all for putting Lucy in charge around there.

  6. Oh, great idea to make Lucy the nanny!! Does she work for peanuts?

  7. Vadie and Lucy; the perfect couple, forever!

  8. That's an amazing story! Hooray!


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