Sunday, April 19, 2020

Boris Karloff's Final Journey

This is not a story about me, but to tell it accurately, I have to begin by letting you know that I am in a bit of hot water with the Angel Authorities because I have written so much about mortal dogs borrowing heartbeats and scheming to keep themselves with their parents longer than they were scheduled to be that the practice is becoming more prevalent.  If anyone thinks I am going to stop, they are mistaken. I would give up my outstanding looks if I could give a parent one more day with their pup.  

 No one knew the importance of one more day than my friend Boris Karloff.  In 2017 his brother Tupper became extremely ill and was having seizures. He had fought the dark angels, whose job it was to claim dogs for the Bridge, as much as he could.
While Tupper was struggling, his brother Max began limping. It didn’t seem to be serious, but when she didn’t respond to treatments, the vet took more tests and determined Max had bone cancer.   Tupper and Max passed over within days of one another, breaking their parent's hearts. Boris bared witness to his parents’ pain. He knew if he passed to the Bridge, they would relive that devastation. 

There are a few moments more frightening for pet parents than when a dog has a seizure.  It is like their precious baby is being possessed by an evil entity. Usually, the seizures are a harbinger of an upcoming passing—parents who go through it once never want to do it again.  But, Boris’ parents weren’t spared further pain. Boris, like Tupper, began having them suddenly, and without warning To his parents, it was like they were reliving Tupper’s seizures, and they could not believe they were going through this torture again.

There has never been a worse time for a dog to take ill than now when the world has turned upside down.  Parents always promise their dogs that they will be with them through whatever medical ordeal they are facing. Still, until the disease is eradicated, precious pets have to be passed through a car window to a vet tech like they are the product in an illicit drug deal.  Poor Boris was trembling, perhaps from fear, or the illness, or the fear that this could be their last moment together. It was at that point, Boris swore that no matter what, he would not let their story end like he was a Big Mac at the drive-thru.

After his initial diagnosis, Boris held out for four days. He tried very hard to battle his deteriorating body and give his parents some good days during the worst of times.  On Sunday, his parents gave him permission to stop fighting and join his brother and brother. They promised him that, while they would be devastated they would go on because that is what all their angels wanted.

Boris got a massive ovation as he climbed the steps to join the angels at Doggyspace.  He had been friends with hundreds of angels during his mortal life, and they were all there, led by Max and Tupper, who started the applause, and were incredibly proud of how Boris behaved in his last few days, and how he lived for his parents.

Boris took to being an angel in no time and now the three angels are working against tremendous odds to bring their parents' comfort.  We wish they could see their three babies together like when they were young and full of life. That is one of the rewards waiting for them when they finish their long journey through the mortal world.
Having three strong angels isn’t as good having three healthy pups, but in this world, we need all the angels we can get, and Momma Pam has three of the best.

We know it isn’t nearly enough, but we hope it brings her heart some comfort.


  1. we are sure the 3 angels will do w├│nderful things... and good things always come in threes...

  2. It's hard enough losing one. I can't even imagine losing 3. Perhaps those 3 angels will find the right pup to help their parents.

  3. I can feel the pain along with the pet parents.

  4. We all know good things come in threes so three Angels will work wonders.

  5. Farewell, Angel Boris; run free, and with your angel siblings, send lots of love back to Earth for your pawrents.

  6. I like what Brian said. Big healing hug to Momma Pam. ♥

  7. Boris was such a good dog, this story a comfort to his parents. So hard to lose our pups.

  8. What a sad story! So sorry for the parents!

  9. Thank you for sharing Boris story. Praying for his family.


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