Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Video Game Parent's to Play and Give Their Dogs a Break

When people are locked up for too long, they begin to wish they could do things that they did with regularity before.  A lot of these activities have to do with dogs.  Some people, who live in virus hotspots, can’t even walk their pups.  They long for familiar things.  Of course, there is always someone willing to make a buck off of the situation.

 The Ringling College of Arts and Design, in conjunction with the Flight School Studio, has created just such a game for dog owners who miss the more mundane aspects of parenting.  Wet Dog Corp is a realistic simulation game where the goal is to wash as many virtual dogs as possible.  The dogs come in different breeds, some are easy to clean, and others are covered with mud.  Somehow, this game is making money.  I began to think about how much cash we could make if we made a video experience that was based on the fun things humans do with dogs.

River and I went into my kitty condo to come up with several ideas for fun video games that will help people deal with their loss of beloved outdoor activity they undertook with their dog and can be played by people while their dog naps. 

The first game we invented is called “Pick up the Poop.”  You need your virtual reality goggles, and a new virtual reality scent detector to play.  You put both the goggles and the scent detector on, and then walk around the house finding and picking up virtual poop.  In the advanced rounds, you wear a glove that tugs you away from the poop, just like a dog would.

You also wear gloves for the virtual dog walk.  You can pick the route you want to travel and the type of dog you need for the company.  You must be careful.  If you choose the wrong dog, it will begin to drag you across the house, and, if a door is not closed, down the street, especially if you spend extra money for the added squirrel sensing option.

There is also a dogfighting game where you have to separate battling pups at the dog park.  The simulator sends electrical shocks through your body as the dogs turn on you and attack.

I think a big winner is going to be the “nose in the crotch” game.  You put the controller down your pants and wait for the sensation of a dog sticking his muzzle in.  We predict this will be a big hit with the suburban mother demo.

We are done designing the games but, being dogs, we have no way to bring it to market, so I am publishing our inventions, and the first person who reads this can patent the ideas and soon be rolling in millions of dollars.  We don’t ask for anything, except that you share some of your money with the local shelters.

When the next shutdown happens, pet parents will be prepared, and when they want to walk the dog, our beloved pup friends can still lie on the couch instead of having to endlessly be dragged up and down the road all day long.  Frankly, we need a break.

Enjoy, friends.


  1. that is very generous...and we hope that pawson will share da rolling dollars with you... ;O)

  2. We are wondering if there is an higher level of 'Pick up the Poop' in which the dog has diarrhoea......

  3. Sounds like some fun activities for the peeps. Mom says she doesn't miss Poop Patrol in our yard - she hired a firm to do it when she broke her arm. Dad says she can keep that business going even though she can do it herself now:) But she does still have to pick up our poop on our walks.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  4. GREAT ideas, River! We especially like the squirrel option!

  5. River you should have a service charge for this great idea.
    Peeps are hard to entertain.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Those are very creative, we'll look for them to hit the market!

  7. Hahaha, we love all the ideas, they are great!


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