Sunday, May 3, 2020

Tanner Bub Welcomes Max to Rainbow Bridge

One of the great privileges in my life was getting to accompany my best friend Tanner Bub to the entrance of Rainbow Bridge. Tanner was one of my first online friends, and he inspired me to start my website and blog. Walking with him, on his final steps at the mortal side, gave me a great appreciation for life on both sides of the Bridge.
Since then, three of Tanner’s siblings have joined him in the immortal world. First was the little pup who Tanner personally selected as his replacement in his mom’s heart.  In almost every way, Ruger was a perfect choice, except for the fatal flaw of not having enough heartbeats, which caused him to go to the Bridge at a very young age. Cocoa was Tanner’s loyal sister and, once Tanner went to the Bridge, their mom’s best friend and confidant. This week they were joined by Max, the fourth member of Tanner's clan, to transition to Rainbow Bridge.
We angels have never been busier, at least since I ascended to the Bridge. The prayers have been overwhelming because people need as many angels as they can get in the scary mortal world.  In the time since I walked with Tanner to the Bridge, his mom and her family have confronted heartbreak after heartbreak. Tanner had given his mom the gift of resilience.
Max didn’t talk about what life was like before he became part of Tanner’s pack.  His skin sister Ashley found him walking down a road, lost and confused.  She coaxed him to her car.  Once inside, Max knew he was with his family.  Ashley was worried about how her two dogs would react to Max, so she brought him to her mom, who has never turned away a dog in need.  Max became a part of their pack and repaid them with good humor and fidelity. 
This year Max began to feel poorly.  He did his best to hide it from his family.  That is when Tanner went into his dreams and told him to let his family know how sick he was and how bad he felt.  While he had served his mom mightily for years the days were coming when she would have to take care of him, and, while she would gladly do it, this was a time when people needed angels, and Max could serve his mom much better as an angel than as a dog. When Max began to show how much discomfort he was in, his mother made the hardest decision and booked an appointment to send him to the Bridge.  His family gathered for one final goodbye.  Then he joined his three siblings, and his sister Ashley’s dog, the beautiful and regal Savannah, at the Bridge.
Their reunion at the Bridge was both joyous and heart-wrenching.  The pack was thrilled to be together again, but they knew the person who meant the most to them, their mom was shattered. The condition of the world, and the loss of four dogs, would be close to insurmountable for her to overcome. But, few moms have four more devoted angels than Max’s mom does.
When Max arrived, he has treated like Rainbow Bridge royalty because he is Tanners’ little brother, which carries a lot of weight here.  I have rarely seen dogs turn out in these numbers for a new arrival the way they did for Max.  He was overwhelmed by the response, and it helped him with his transition.  

Humanity is facing one of its most significant challenges, and people are all going to need divine intervention to help them through this crisis.  Max’s mom has an army of angels to watch over her.
We pray it’s enough for her and the rest of humanity.


  1. hugs to the mom of Max... to know that the angels are always with you and deep in our heart is a lot of comfort

  2. foley; we are truly sorry to learn about your friend; our sincerest condolences to Max's mom ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Dear Max was such a sweetie and we send hugs to his very special Mom.

  4. So many tear's being shed here for her loss. I know my Lily & Muffin were there as part of the welcoming committee.

  5. So sorry to hear about Max. Soft woos and gentle hugs to his family.

    Woos - Lightning and Timber

  6. Big healing hugs all around. ♥


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