Sunday, May 10, 2020

Beaux Finds His Mom a Chavo

My friend Beaux Jangles has had an arduous task since he became an angel. 
A year ago, he arrived at the Bridge.  He immediately began looking for a new dog for his mom.  She is a passionate, fiery, opinionated, loyal, and tough woman. She didn’t just need a dog; she needed someone who could match the immense love she gave for others, and balance it with her passion for life, whoever the lucky dog would be required a precious pup.    

Every day for almost a year, Beaux flew down to interview a different dog on the mortal side, for the position of his mom’s only dog.  He usually began his questions by asking the dog how he or she felt about a mom who frequently, and excitedly raises her voice over things like seeing a bird in the yard or not being able to find the salsa.
Often, that was the end of the interview.  I, being of sound mind and certifiably tough, would have been an excellent candidate for the job, but I had already found my Forever Mom.  Pocket would have crumbled before the challenge and hid under the bed.

Finding a dog who was not bothered by loud noises was only the beginning. Beaux ordered something from the Bridge Amazon.  It was a pee pad with a man’s face on it.  During his next round of interviews, Beaux called the dogs to pee on the pad.  The ones who did so immediately graduated to the next round.  The ones who wouldn’t pee were sincerely told that their interestest in the position was appreciated, but it was a pass.  Beaux knew peeing on the President’s face was a requirement to be his mom’s dog.

There were still a dozen dogs in the running.  Beaux gathered them all for a dream session where they could study the crucial things his mom’s dogs need to know, like what all the swear words in Spanish were, and how to keep the water bowl separated from the tequila.  “You mustn't get freaked out by an occasional worm at the bottom of your bowl,” Beaux instructed.  

During the interview process, Beaux became increasingly impressed with a preemie pup named Chavo.  He was scheduled to be a puppy but had not been born yet.  He had picked out black and white fur, with the white splitting down his face like a lightning bolt for his fur.  He had a fluffy tail and eyes of a thrill seeker.  Could this be the dog?  Beaux knew there was one more test that needed to be undertaken.

Beaux and Chavo went out drinking.  They painted the town red.  Even though Chavo would never touch alcohol, Beaux knew his mom needed a dog who at least looked like he could handle his liquor.  Little Chavo passed with flying colors.
The next day Beaux offered Chavo the position of the next heart dog in his mom’s life, and he accepted.  A few weeks after Chavo was born into the mortal world, Beaux slipped into his mom’s dreams and told her he had found the perfect dog for her. His mom followed his direction, found little Chavo, and brought him home.   Mama Yolando and little Chavo became an only mom and an only dog. Neither could possibly be happier.

And for the first time since he came to the Bridge, Beaux had a good night’s sleep. 


  1. Beaux Jangles makes me squeal with delight and glee
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. That was a ton of searching but it sure paid off in the end, hooray for Chavo!

  3. Is that Chavo in the photo - he is just too precious. What a wonderful thing for Beaux Jangles to do for his Mom.

    Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!!!

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  4. oh what a sweet timing to find da mama around mom-day... well done!!

  5. Job well done! Now all can relax.

  6. What a great post. A huge awww.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

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